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Isn't the month of February just flying bye! I hope everyone had a great valentines day with their loved ones and significant other. Now back to reality right ? Lol

Let's dive into this weeks "Must Have Monday" !

The first item on this week's list is one for all the ladies that are currently reading this post. This has been a HOT item to get recently at LOFT. The Striped Bell Sleeve Henley top is knockout seller. Not to mention bell sleeves are a huge trend right now especially in women's retailer stores. Not to mention right now you can get 40% off the item in your nearest loft store or even online! I am a huge fan of a bell sleeve, because it adds movement to a piece of clothing.

So I went onto the F21 website today and when I tell you I was stuck on it for a good 45 minutes just scrolling and scrolling through through all the new items. I wanted to added everything to my bag and checkout lol. I came across this city patched denim jacket it is everything! First off y'all know I love a good denim jacket, and on top of that this one is covered in patches! Can you say yes & yes!?

I can just see all the ways I would like to style this jacket in my head already.

Now you all know I love a great accessory right? Well if you didn't know now you know lol. They just take the outfit and upgrade (snaps finger) that much more. So that being said my favorite jewelry would have to be either rings or bracelets, and even hats... well heck I just love them in general lol. The one thing that I don't have and honestly I don't think I've ever had in wardrobe is a baseball cap.

Lately I've been obsessed over this Rorketon Baseball Cap in suede from Aldo! Its the perfect neutral color that you can wear with literally anything. I can't wait to rock this with like an all denim outfit, or even mix it up and throw on prints. We shall see what I come up with lol...

But thanks so much tuning in & reading another blog post of mine I really appreciate all the love! ♥︎

See you all tomorrow for Tumblr Tuesday!

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  1. Oh I love it all! Even if you paired it it'll look absolutely amazing!


  2. Some great items showcased ��


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