Must Have Monday


Okay so before we all judge me, yes I know this is a female keychain! Lol. I think it is so cute though. On top of all that it has my initial on it! That just makes it even better and makes me want to have it even more. Cute accessories are my favorite they can just jazz up everything else! Lol

So Forever 21 is having a huge Valentine's Day Sale! That is music to my ears, I already shop there all the time so now that they are having this crazy awesome deal I am about to be in big trouble with my bank account lol.

This Suede Baseball Jersey is sickening! The thing that really attracted me to it was 1. the great deal and that its suede! I don't have much (probably none) suede items in my wardrobe and I would love to add this to my wardrobe for sure. I added it to my online bag for sure. I can't wait to get it to be honest. Styling it with the rest of my wardrobe will be fun.

So I have never shopped here on ASOS before but that will be changing very soon now that I have come across this baseball cap! I have always loved baseball caps but never wore them because I didn't think I would look good in them or people would look at me weird. As you all may know I love hats, like I seriously do but I mainly wear fedoras so a baseball cap is different for me. I really like this one though so I'm not giving up on them yet.

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