Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 28


I think these posts are just so much fun to do and I honestly love doing these every Tuesday for you all to read. I hope you're truly enjoying reading them because I love putting them together. 

With this post I wanted the essence of edge and ripped denim! Lol isn't that just the perfect combination right?

When you think ripped jeans don't you get a feeling of grunge and toughness. That being said they can also play into the feminine side of things to. For example the first photo has both grunge and femininity. The off the shoulder top gives it that sex appeal and girly-ness while the jeans that extra amount of WOW factor.

Just never be boring and with this look I think that won't ever be a problem because there is always another way to style them and another design to showcase. I AM A FAN. Always have and more than likely always will be.

I want to also mention that combination of masculinity + femininity as well! 

A male can take this look and make it one way, and a female can take it and turn it into something completely different! Isn't that crazy? But you can also combine both. Males can add femininity to a look and females can add masculinity. A male sporting a carry on bag? Fan or not a fan? I am a FAN. I have a few bags myself so I'm all for it for sure. Like I always say never be afraid to break boundaries or stand out from the rest of the group! 

That being said... I will see yall on the next one!! Thank you all for the love and support you give me and my blog, it truly means the world to me. 

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  1. Love these pictures :)



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