Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 25


My second tumblr tuesday of the new year! Let us dive right on in...

We are back today with that iconic color scheme! The whole blush and white tones together would definitely be one of my favorite combinations. You all know that I have done a few of these with this theme in mind. I think it's a great aesthetic and goes well with a lot of things. This color can be found in almost any and everything. From home decor, to fashion you name it and it has probably been blush.

I have to say my favorite part of this week's post would have to be the ending quote. I think that it is such a statement. On top of that it is a very true statement. i think people have certain mind sets, and certain expectation about african american boys/men. We can be anything we want to be and do damn well at it. Take being a blogger for example. Truthfully there aren't a lot of african american bloggers that are male out there. There may be quite a few but the point is that they aren't as recognized as others.

Well enough of my preaching to the choir lol.

I hope you all are enjoying these posts every tuesday because I honestly really love doing these for you all to read.

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