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*Photographer: Linden Robertson*
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Shirt: H&M Pants: Old Navy Shoes: Aldo Necklace: Hot Topic Right Arm Bracelet: Aldo Accessories

As you all may know I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana! Also knows as "the big easy". I mentioned that here on this page. As part of the trip my family and I took to the Bahamas we made a pit stop back home in Louisiana. For those of you that aren't from here you really don't realize how much scenery and beautiful artwork there is down here.

I mean seriously almost every street, sidewalk and corner has some type of amazing artwork and sights to see. This spot we found as we were driving through the city finding places to take pictures. It's a huge ally way that's empty will all four walls covered in paint and artwork. It really gives you a sense of the city and the vibes that we really have going on down here.

It's always a fun time coming home because I feel like I discover something new everytime I come back. There's so much life and character throughout the city and anyone would love it.

Since I knew we would be doing quite a bit of walking throughout the city I wanted to be comfortable for the occasion. I decided to keep the look simple but still be cute. I was misguided by the weather because I thought it was going to be kind of chilly... it wasn't! Lol I'm over here in a long sleeves shirt and pants dying. It got better because it rained later on in the day and fortunately got colder. You all know I'm down for cold weather instead of hot any-day.

I truly enjoyed my time back home and getting the chance to see my family again after quite some time. I hope everyone enjoyed there new years and vacay time! Now back to reality right...

If you are ever in the area please take the time and enjoy the scenery of the city it is a great thing to see and you will definitely not be disappointed.

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