New Years Recap!


Oh my gosh bringing in the new years has been absolutely amazing. This trip was also dedicated to my amazing mother, celebrating her birthday! I seriously enjoyed every moment of it and I know she did too. Well except the 15 hour drive to florida! That was very excruciating and definitely wont miss that part of the trip. I mean who would?

As soon as we got into Florida I was just amazed by how beautiful it was to be honest. It was my very first time to visit and I couldn't be more excited. The weather was perfect, the city we stayed in was gorgeous. We stayed in Kissimmee, Florida which is where our hotel was located. 

We were only in Florida for a day because we would be leaving the next morning to get on our boat to cruise to the bahamas! We had to soak up every moment that we could. I will definitely be back to florida for sure I am officially obsessed.

Now who goes to Florida and doesn't visit the beach!? I mean come on that is a main attraction. That being said I was expecting more from the beach it wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be, but I still had a great time. Seeing that it was my first time on the beach ever I must say that I am happy that I at least got to experience it. Who knows when i'll be able to do that again ya know so enjoy the moment while you can.

We roamed around the city for the rest of the day until we got back to the hotel and just went to sleep because we would be leaving the next day.

We finally loaded the cruise in the morning and to sum things up, had the time of our lives. From singing karaoke to swimming in those gorgeous blue waters it was definitely a time to remember. If you are considering going on a cruise I say go for it! Each day is filled with something to do. Trust me you won't be bored.

I recommend going around a time when everyone normally doesn't go because things will be a lot cheaper on your bank account. So good luck and I hope to see you aboard someday!

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