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What's up guys! I hope everyone had a fantastic Monday. I have honestly been dealing with a lot but I am fighting through this and you all don't need to worry. I feel like things are just flying by already!

So you all know I am obsessed with accessorizing things so of course I have to keep my mac looking cute. Plus I want to keep it safe and protected of course right.
This galaxy fire and ice case I found on amazon would be perfect! It is so vibrant from all the different colors which means it'll get attention when seen. I am definitely picking this beauty up.

If you all didn't know but I just recently went to the Bahamas!  (which you will be seeing in a later post) I went a week or so ago and I had a fantastic time. It was such a fun experience and would love to do it again for sure. That being said, what I really needed was some cute sandals! I realized while I was packing that I didn't have any, so I was wearing shoes the entire trip. Even while on the beach! How crazy is that?

These sandals will solve that problem once and for all!

I think these Verran sandals from Aldo are the cutest thing ever! I am literally obsessed! The hard bottom provides the perfect amount of comfort and since they are black they can be worn with multiple items. That is always a plus because it doesn't restrict you on what you can pair them with. I MUST get my hands on these beauties.

So currently Forever 21 has something there doing called the "New Year New Sale" and you know I had to be involved. I scrolled through it and honestly wanted to purchase everything! There's so many items that I loved and a lot that I'm sure you all would enjoy as well.

One of the items I'm obsessing over is this distressed blush colored shirt! I mean come on look at it, gorgeous is it just me that thinks this? From the color to the edginess I'm beyond in love lol. The thing that really got me was the back! That amazing and very inspirational quote! I am all for spreading positivity and I thought it was so perfect and so fitting. I need this in my wardrobe pronto.

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