Must Have Monday


This blush colored slim-fit zippered shirt is gorgeous! You all know how obsessed I am with the color blush! Forever 21 has taken my heart yet again lol. They have just released there spring hit list collection and let me just say I want the entire collection NOW! This was definitely a great move on behalf of Forever.

I guess this post today is all about Forever-21 right? The next item on the list this week is again from forever! I am always on the hunt for another pair of denim jeans. You can honestly never have enough in your closet. Just don't get jeans that look the same so people don't think you're wearing the same pair of jeans everyday lol. So one of my favorite things in a pair of jeans is the fit, color, and style. Well honey these Slim-fit Acid Wash Jeans!! OBSESSED I seriously love everything about them. They can't go wrong in my eyes.

Sometimes we just need to take it back to the basics. For some reason I have been obsessed with long t-shirts. my go to place for these would definitely have to be H&M.  The thing that really gets me with this shirt though is the color. This dark plum color is something that you don't see quite often to be honest. It's like not quite purple but not quite red either I love it. Its something you can wear with simple denim or even a classier pant. I am a very frequent H & M shopper so maybe i'll pick this lovely item up next time I visit.

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