Must Have Monday


Happy Monday Everyone!

I am obsessed with cardigans! This wool-blend cardigan from h & m looks beyond comfortable! It is definitely a must have to add to my wardrobe and my collection of cardigans. I mean seriously I have plenty in my closet but I believe you can honestly never have too many. So that being said I will be adding this one very soon. What tops it all off is that it's on SALE! It has the shape of a bomber jacket but its a sweater! So cool.

So I haven't shopped at a Banana Republic in so long so when I visited their website I was like where do I begin! I tend to not shop here often anyway unless I need something really nice or if I want to splurge. If you have never been to a  Banana Republic you should definitely go even if you just look around and don't purchase anything.

I love a great denim shirt so this chambray one would be perfect! I already own like three denim shirts why not add another one right?

Okay I probably have one two many of these as well lol, but you can't go wrong with a flannel! Come on I'm sure almost everyone has at least one in their wardrobe. They are so fun and cute! Plus on top of it all this particular one is a slim fit! I love a nice slim fitted shirt and pant. Just makes things so much flattering when you wear it. Perfect for every season as well. Wear it around your waist in the summer and in spring wear it layered during the fall and winter. 

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