Must Have Monday


Yet another week has gone by! They just get faster and faster aren't they?

Are you all excited for the new year as much as I am!

The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time! Right? At least not when it's 100 degrees outside lol. This sweater from my favorite store forever 21 is definitely one to be added to the wardrobe! Plus the black and white makes it endless combinations!

New Years is around the corner! Can you believe that we are about to enter the year 2017 already! That's just crazy how time just flies by. It feels like 2016 just got here and now it's gone. That being said since it's about to be new years I am sure many of you, including myself will be attending plenty of new years parties and events. Add a little adorable and festive touch to your look with this headband. It would be the perfect way to tie the entire outfit together right!?

Sorry for the second picture being so small by the way lol. It looked blurry when I made it larger.

You all know I love me a great sweater and we are in the season to where we can actually wear them. For me a sweater has to be soft, good quality, and of course a fantastic price! Who doesn't like a great steal. This Jacquard knit sweater grabbed my attention because of the unique and very pretty print! Look at that? Isn't that so cool. That white on black print is absolute perfection.

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