Brrr its cold outside


Sweater: H&M Jeans: Hollister Necklace: Hot Topic Shoes: Aldo Not pictured

So am I the only one who noticed the sleet/ice falling outside today! I am screaming in excitement!

I decided to dress for the occasion of course lol. I threw on my favorite sweater from H & M and paired it with some distressed denim jeans. This is the time of year when it officially starts to get cold. You know how Texas weather can be very tricky and sometimes you have no clue what to actually wear. It could be cold in the morning but then you just want to strip because its hot in the afternoon. We could be in october/december the more colder months and it's still like 90 degrees outside. That's crazy right?

Well today it actually feels like it's suppose to outside and I am loving every bit of it.

With the way things are going it will probably be like 70 degrees tomorrow... so let's enjoy it for now.

I know there are probably plenty of people who are absolutely hating this weather and I completely understand why. I just happen to be someone who love the cold weather. Does that make me weird or nah? I'm the type of person to be in shorts all the time ya know.

How do you all feel about this climate change? Love it, hate it, let me know by leaving a comment!

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