Big Hats & Cozy Sweaters


Sweater: Old Navy Jeans: Hollister Boots: Aldo Hat: Forever21 Scarf: H & M
Oh hey! I didn't quite see you there because my hat was in the way lol.

What's up everyone. I hope you all are enjoying this brand new week. The weather is a tad difficult out there though. Well at least out here it is.. It is freezing cold out here, but later it could be really warm so it just depends.

During this time I like to be very comfortable but still warm at the same time. I combine cute and cozy into an outfit. I accomplish this by pairing a nice soft sweater with some cute items. Its usually easier for me to be cuter in the winter and fall instead of summer and spring. Not to say I'm not cute during those times but I just prefer the colder months because I can layer items, wear sweaters all the time, boots. It's just perfect to me.

This grand old hat was a quick find I found while wondering around a H & M in the galleria mall. I was like oh my gosh I need it! I don't get to wear it a lot because I always seem to not find what I want to wear with it. I thought since I kept the outfit simple with a sweater and jeans the hat would that dramatic appeal. You all know I love a good dramatic moment right. 

So I still planning on doing more looks for you all to see. I have been working on different looks that I want to try out. My little research has been paying off I guess lol. Looking at other people's outfits and taking inspiration from them is what I love to do. That plus just combining my own style in the mix is perfect. I hope you all are enjoying these looks!

Until next time....

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