Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 28


I think these posts are just so much fun to do and I honestly love doing these every Tuesday for you all to read. I hope you're truly enjoying reading them because I love putting them together. 

With this post I wanted the essence of edge and ripped denim! Lol isn't that just the perfect combination right?

When you think ripped jeans don't you get a feeling of grunge and toughness. That being said they can also play into the feminine side of things to. For example the first photo has both grunge and femininity. The off the shoulder top gives it that sex appeal and girly-ness while the jeans that extra amount of WOW factor.

Just never be boring and with this look I think that won't ever be a problem because there is always another way to style them and another design to showcase. I AM A FAN. Always have and more than likely always will be.

I want to also mention that combination of masculinity + femininity as well! 

A male can take this look and make it one way, and a female can take it and turn it into something completely different! Isn't that crazy? But you can also combine both. Males can add femininity to a look and females can add masculinity. A male sporting a carry on bag? Fan or not a fan? I am a FAN. I have a few bags myself so I'm all for it for sure. Like I always say never be afraid to break boundaries or stand out from the rest of the group! 

That being said... I will see yall on the next one!! Thank you all for the love and support you give me and my blog, it truly means the world to me. 

Must Have Monday


This blush colored slim-fit zippered shirt is gorgeous! You all know how obsessed I am with the color blush! Forever 21 has taken my heart yet again lol. They have just released there spring hit list collection and let me just say I want the entire collection NOW! This was definitely a great move on behalf of Forever.

I guess this post today is all about Forever-21 right? The next item on the list this week is again from forever! I am always on the hunt for another pair of denim jeans. You can honestly never have enough in your closet. Just don't get jeans that look the same so people don't think you're wearing the same pair of jeans everyday lol. So one of my favorite things in a pair of jeans is the fit, color, and style. Well honey these Slim-fit Acid Wash Jeans!! OBSESSED I seriously love everything about them. They can't go wrong in my eyes.

Sometimes we just need to take it back to the basics. For some reason I have been obsessed with long t-shirts. my go to place for these would definitely have to be H&M.  The thing that really gets me with this shirt though is the color. This dark plum color is something that you don't see quite often to be honest. It's like not quite purple but not quite red either I love it. Its something you can wear with simple denim or even a classier pant. I am a very frequent H & M shopper so maybe i'll pick this lovely item up next time I visit.

10 Trends That Emerged During NYFW


I wanted to do something different for you all to see today! It has been a while since I have done a post like this so I wanted to switch it up for you all to see. I have more content coming for you all to see. Now enough jibber-jabber and lets get into this post shall we.

Super Stripes!

Bold, Bright, and brilliantly textured, spring's stripes trend are a jolt of energy in a sea of classic Bretons. And while they came in all shades of the rainbow this season, the favorites were those that featured graphic primary colors anchored down with some polished black (naturally, Rosie Assoulin's sequin shirtless was another standout of the week.)

Garden Party

I know, I know, isn't it just groundbreaking. Florals for spring? But in all seriousness, the season's florals felt fresh in their unabashed femininity, blooming up and down long, tiered skirts, ruffled jumpsuits, and voluminous sleeves.

Bra Tops

For those with ample confidence (and not ample cleavage) there will be endless opportunities next spring to take the crop top trend to its logical conclusion and skip the "top" part all together. Lingerie-like pieces were paired with evening skirts, cropped jeans, slinky suits, and more at shows as varied as Alexander Wang, Tory Burch, and Oscar de la Renta. 

Luckily, we still have a little time to start working on our abs in preparation! Lol

Shades of Blue

One of the easiest colors to wear was also one of the most popular across the board this season-which should come as some relief to those who need a break from black and white but aren't quite ready to heed designer's calls for orange as a new neutral. From the palest sea-foam to the richest cerulean, blue are a tune everyone can sing.

Bad Girls' Club

More-is-more maximalism plus a DGAF attitude is shaping up to be the quickest ticket to the cool kids' table this spring. This references may have been wide and varied- glam rock and rave culture at Marc Jacob's, rock-ability rebels at Coach, louche tropical vibes at Baja East - but ultimately, the same young, wild, and free spirit ran through some of the best shows of the week.

Updated Oxfords

The classic striped button-down has been turned on its head (sometimes quite literally) this season, with designers adding flounces, slashing shoulders, and super-sizing the silhouette, stripping it of any stale, corporate connotations in the process. It's a look that pays homage to tradition, but shows you're not too concerned with playing by the rules.


Is it just me or is the future looking especially bright!? Designers dipped their toes back into fluorescent waters for spring, both for day and for night. While the high-wattage look may seem like a lot IRL, DKNY's neutral-colored layers and athleisure vibe suggested a wearable way to try out the trend at home.


Frills were HUGE at NYFW, both in terms of proportions (some looked capable of swallowing models whole) and in terms in popularity (you'd be harder pressed to find a show that didn't feature a little bit of flounce). The styles we're most eager to get a hold of, were those that balanced the femininity with a little sleekness or ease- think asymmetrical dresses, one-shoulder tops, and voluminous skirts styled as effortlessly as a pair of jeans.

All Tied Up

Laces: no longer just for your sneakers. Thanks to this season's runways, there will be plenty of creative ways to strap up for spring, both subtle (Kaelen's spliced shirts and suede dresses) and in-your-face (Alexander Wang's bare, belted waists'; Mill's criss-cross arm ties).

Cool Khaki

"Beige" stopped being a synonym for "boring" the second Kim Kardashian slithered into Band-aid-colored bodycon, and this spring, neutral hues will be especially widespread. At Dion Lee, the timeless trench silhouette got treansformed into tailored, slit-shoulder jackets and belted skirt-pants, while at Ulla Johnson and Creatures of the Wind, khaki's sometimes-utilitarian feel was nixed by nipped waists and femme ruffles.

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 27


The minimalism aesthetic is all the rave to me! I love it and I am seriously obsessed, When something is clean and looks well put together it takes it up a notch just a tad bit more. That is what this does for me and I appreciate that so much.

Clean, simple, but there is always a piece of me in everything that I do and every single one of these posts that I upload for you all, my fantastic readers to see.

I had to thrown in the blush tones of course of course. I really don't think you can go wrong with this theme and especially having it paired with all white look and minimalist aesthetic come on now you just blew it out the park for me.

These two things will always be my absolute favorite things to see and be on the look out for them for sure because you will definitely be seeing more of these two elements come together as a wholr and as my blog progresses and get bigger and better!

Must Have Monday


Happy Monday Everyone!

I am obsessed with cardigans! This wool-blend cardigan from h & m looks beyond comfortable! It is definitely a must have to add to my wardrobe and my collection of cardigans. I mean seriously I have plenty in my closet but I believe you can honestly never have too many. So that being said I will be adding this one very soon. What tops it all off is that it's on SALE! It has the shape of a bomber jacket but its a sweater! So cool.

So I haven't shopped at a Banana Republic in so long so when I visited their website I was like where do I begin! I tend to not shop here often anyway unless I need something really nice or if I want to splurge. If you have never been to a  Banana Republic you should definitely go even if you just look around and don't purchase anything.

I love a great denim shirt so this chambray one would be perfect! I already own like three denim shirts why not add another one right?

Okay I probably have one two many of these as well lol, but you can't go wrong with a flannel! Come on I'm sure almost everyone has at least one in their wardrobe. They are so fun and cute! Plus on top of it all this particular one is a slim fit! I love a nice slim fitted shirt and pant. Just makes things so much flattering when you wear it. Perfect for every season as well. Wear it around your waist in the summer and in spring wear it layered during the fall and winter. 

Big Hats & Cozy Sweaters


Sweater: Old Navy Jeans: Hollister Boots: Aldo Hat: Forever21 Scarf: H & M
Oh hey! I didn't quite see you there because my hat was in the way lol.

What's up everyone. I hope you all are enjoying this brand new week. The weather is a tad difficult out there though. Well at least out here it is.. It is freezing cold out here, but later it could be really warm so it just depends.

During this time I like to be very comfortable but still warm at the same time. I combine cute and cozy into an outfit. I accomplish this by pairing a nice soft sweater with some cute items. Its usually easier for me to be cuter in the winter and fall instead of summer and spring. Not to say I'm not cute during those times but I just prefer the colder months because I can layer items, wear sweaters all the time, boots. It's just perfect to me.

This grand old hat was a quick find I found while wondering around a H & M in the galleria mall. I was like oh my gosh I need it! I don't get to wear it a lot because I always seem to not find what I want to wear with it. I thought since I kept the outfit simple with a sweater and jeans the hat would that dramatic appeal. You all know I love a good dramatic moment right. 

So I still planning on doing more looks for you all to see. I have been working on different looks that I want to try out. My little research has been paying off I guess lol. Looking at other people's outfits and taking inspiration from them is what I love to do. That plus just combining my own style in the mix is perfect. I hope you all are enjoying these looks!

Until next time....

Brrr its cold outside


Sweater: H&M Jeans: Hollister Necklace: Hot Topic Shoes: Aldo Not pictured

So am I the only one who noticed the sleet/ice falling outside today! I am screaming in excitement!

I decided to dress for the occasion of course lol. I threw on my favorite sweater from H & M and paired it with some distressed denim jeans. This is the time of year when it officially starts to get cold. You know how Texas weather can be very tricky and sometimes you have no clue what to actually wear. It could be cold in the morning but then you just want to strip because its hot in the afternoon. We could be in october/december the more colder months and it's still like 90 degrees outside. That's crazy right?

Well today it actually feels like it's suppose to outside and I am loving every bit of it.

With the way things are going it will probably be like 70 degrees tomorrow... so let's enjoy it for now.

I know there are probably plenty of people who are absolutely hating this weather and I completely understand why. I just happen to be someone who love the cold weather. Does that make me weird or nah? I'm the type of person to be in shorts all the time ya know.

How do you all feel about this climate change? Love it, hate it, let me know by leaving a comment!

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 26


Just kept things fairly simple with today's Tumblr Tuesday.

Back again with the male dominance lol.

Isn't it just beautiful? To be in your own skin and actually love what you're seeing and loving every aspect of yourself?

You can be very versatile with your style and your entire look in general. As far as shaved, or not shaved. Your outfit can be switched up from street-wear to casual. There are no boundaries or limitations.

I love to be very open on my blog and doing these particular kinds of posts helps me do that more. You should never expect to see a certain kind of picture or theme because you honestly never know what you may see. I tend to break even more boundaries and post a lot more different content for these. I hope you all are enjoying reading these and viewing as much as i love finding them and putting them together for you all to see.

Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone you never what's out there for you until you do. I love you all so much for supporting and reading my content. I really put a lot of time and effort into TTF so it's always a pleasure to receive feedback and love from you all.

New Years Recap!


Oh my gosh bringing in the new years has been absolutely amazing. This trip was also dedicated to my amazing mother, celebrating her birthday! I seriously enjoyed every moment of it and I know she did too. Well except the 15 hour drive to florida! That was very excruciating and definitely wont miss that part of the trip. I mean who would?

As soon as we got into Florida I was just amazed by how beautiful it was to be honest. It was my very first time to visit and I couldn't be more excited. The weather was perfect, the city we stayed in was gorgeous. We stayed in Kissimmee, Florida which is where our hotel was located. 

We were only in Florida for a day because we would be leaving the next morning to get on our boat to cruise to the bahamas! We had to soak up every moment that we could. I will definitely be back to florida for sure I am officially obsessed.

Now who goes to Florida and doesn't visit the beach!? I mean come on that is a main attraction. That being said I was expecting more from the beach it wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be, but I still had a great time. Seeing that it was my first time on the beach ever I must say that I am happy that I at least got to experience it. Who knows when i'll be able to do that again ya know so enjoy the moment while you can.

We roamed around the city for the rest of the day until we got back to the hotel and just went to sleep because we would be leaving the next day.

We finally loaded the cruise in the morning and to sum things up, had the time of our lives. From singing karaoke to swimming in those gorgeous blue waters it was definitely a time to remember. If you are considering going on a cruise I say go for it! Each day is filled with something to do. Trust me you won't be bored.

I recommend going around a time when everyone normally doesn't go because things will be a lot cheaper on your bank account. So good luck and I hope to see you aboard someday!

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