Guest Post: Best Way To Wash Your Hair

This post was submitted and written by Lori of
All opinions and deets are hers

How often do you wonder if your hair is looking good? And you immediately go about fixing it, don't you? But do you wonder often enough, if you are washing your hair right and taking proper care of it? If the health of your lustrous mane means anything to you, you should wonder often enough.

As with all things, there is the right way and the wrong way to wash your hair! The best hair pros and stylists in the world recommend these methods to keep your hair healthy, lustrous and smooth.

If you think that you can't have your hair feeling as good and healthy with a hair wash at home, as it feels good when you go to the hair salon, you have got it wrong. It's all about washing your hair the right way and they know it while you just don't.

So maybe you need some help after all!

How Often is Too Often?

The first thing that you ought to know about washing your hair is that you shouldn't be washing it as often as you like. The reason is simple- you want to get rid of the oil that the hair produces when you wash and the more often you wash your hair, the more oil it produces.

Well then, washing your hair too often is counter-productive.
So how often should you wash your hair?
It doesn't matter what your hair type is! You probably need only three rinses a week. Any more is too often.

Are you using shower filters?

If not then you are letting chlorine and other chemicals on your head, Chlorine will dry your skin and remove essential oils from your hair and scalp. There are many other health benefits from using shower filters so be sure to read more here:

Do You Like It Cold, Warm, or Hot?

It doesn't matter! Your hair likes it warm.

You might prefer a scalding hot steam shower in the morning to wake you up and get that surge of adrenaline going in your body, but a hot shower isn't good for your hair. 

If you don't want to leave your hair dry and in a coma, don't go for the hot shower.
The best thing for hair care is a warm water wash on the cooler side. Help those cuticles open right up to release all the dirt and grime that have accumulated inside, while still staying close enough to lock in enough moisture.
Rinse Before You Wash

Your hair needs a thorough rinse before you wash. It's like soaking your clothes before you go for the detergent wash. Rinsing helps your hair soak in the moisture and prime itself for the wash later.

Wish rinsing you are releasing the oils that stick to your scalp and letting the cuticles soak it up.

For the Long Mane

For those men out there who have long hair- condition first to protect your hair ends from damage before you go for shampooing! Critical if you do not want those split hairs.

Scrub or not to Scrub

Before you get to shampooing this is the question to ask.
You do not scrub as you don't want to damage the roots of your hair. You have to be as gentle as possible when you go about massaging your scalp.

Choose the right one!

Well, lets talk about your shampoo. With the right kind of shampoo comes the best hair care.

For the only hair, use a purifying shampoo that helps you get rid of the oil. Conversely, for the dry and coarse hair type, use the hydrating and moisturizing shampoos.

If you have a fine hair type that doesn't like to be overly burdened by shampoo that weigh it down and leave it listless, use a gentle cleansing shampoo.

Start Right and End it Right Too

The right place to start your shampooing is at the scalp. It means that you expend most of the volume of the shampoo that you are using on the scalp and move out to the ends of your mane to use the rest.

There is a method to the madness.

The short, new hairs closest to the scalp are the oiliest. You need to focus on washing them thoroughly. The ends of your hair are drier and less oily compared to the new ones, and shouldn't be overburdened with shampoo washing.

Now it's time for some myth busting.
You don't need a second shampoo wash, unlike the shampoo companies instruct you. Well, guess they need to sell their stuff.
You just need one thorough wash and that will be all that your hair needs for the day.

When you are washing your scalp, as it was already mentioned be very gentle with the kneading, but be very thorough. You need to work the shampoo into the scalp to get the oil and grime out. Use as much shampoo as you need, not more than you need. Go for a quarter-sized shampoo for your shampooing needs.

Tough Conditioning

You have to get this part right. This isn't easy because you need yo spend some time being patient.

Get rid of some water from your hair before you condition. And when you do, start from the middle and work your way to the end of your hair. There is no need to work scalp as it already has your natural oils for moisturizing.

You have to leave the conditioner on your hair for at least 5 to 7 minutes to let it be absorbed into the hair. Leave it for any lesser and your hair will not be adequately moisturized and if you leave for longer your hair might end up having the residues of the conditioner sticking to it.

One Final Rinse

Give your hair one final rinse, but this time with cold water to help those cuticles seal shut and leave your hair shinier than it was ever before.

This is an important step as any of the rest we have mentioned so far. So, even if you have a problem with cold water hitting you early in the morning, we recommend you stick with the process down to the last letter.

Gentle With The Drying

Don't go tough on your hair when you are almost there! Be gentle while you dry your hair; you have taken such good care so far. Don't let it all go to waste by going too harsh on your hair and damage it.

Here, you have got some of the best hair wash tips and methods that the pros use to give your hair the lustrous, shiny look that it was meant to have. Now, don't hesitate. Work your way to a feel-good hair wash.

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 48


I just loved these pictures to be honest.

I was scrolling through tumblr and was trying to decide on what I wanted to do for this week's post. I really didn't decide on a theme for this week... obviously. Which I dont do a lot on these posts most of them have themes to them like here, here & here.

I do want to always express and showcase positivity on the blog so you can definitely say this post has a positive affect to it ya know. There is enough of other nonsense going on in the workd and im not here in any way to add on to the mess lol.

That's why I call the blog my safe haven ( top of the blog where it says welcome ) because here I do what I want and share what I want with you all (my readers) & the world.

Random sidenote: I'm obsessed with the black and white striped outfit in the 3rd photo! Are you kidding me! #everything! I absolutely want it asap.

But yes this post is all things positivity.


I am in support of it all.. ummm if you're not, please leave your comments in your head not in my comments thanks :)

Love you all so much I truly cant thank you enough for the love and support you show me on the blog, social media, its just so overwhelming and truly a blessing to recieve so much positive feedback on what I do.

Well I hope everyone enjoys there Tuesday!

Much Love

Must Have Monday


The fall & winter weather will be upon us before you know it and I can't wait! It is my favorite season. Lots of layering, sweaters, and cardigans for me. That being said I definitely need to add this little beauty to my wardrobe selection. I love the color, and the way it just flows on the sides, the cut is amazing. Plus it has a hood... YES! I found this similar one over on H &M.

So I think a pair of chelsea boots are essential in a males' wardrobe. I know some people may not be all for it but I'm definitely not one of those people clearly. I own a pair of boots from Aldo that I am absolutely obsessed with, so adding these chelsea boots will be a must. Now they're a little pricey ($59) but again they are totally worth it because they'll last a long time. Who owns a pair of these already let me know in the comments! Would love some feedback.

These jeans! Ugh I've been wanting these ever since we got them in at work. They look so chic and so rad to me. The patches are so perfect and I love the placement, sometimes they can go wrong but these are all right for me. I need to try them on before I buy them because they're a slim fit jean and I want to make sure they're not too slim.. ya know what I mean?

I would actually pair these jeans with the Chelsea boots that I included in this post as well. That would be so perfect, Chelsea boots, jeans (cuffed), and a nice shirt. Yes Yes Yes I am here for it all ! Plus a million accessories because.. why not?

Guest Post: Julie Austin


5 Fabulous Green Items To Include In Your Home Decor

Green is the color of sobriety and calmness. Just by looking at it; you will feel peace within and your eyes will feel very soothing. This is the very reason green is the color of nature and spring is the most favorite season of many.

But when it comes to home decor; adding green to it might get confusing for some of us. What are the home decor items that can be painted or used in green color and it will not look unattractive? That's the question many of us ask when incorporating green color to our home decor.

Various home decor items welcome green color but you got to create the perfect balance if your are contrasting different color patters with green.

Here are 5 fabulous green items that you can include in your home decor that would further beautify it. 

1. Plantation

The first and foremost modification that you can make with the addition of green color in your home decor is to induct green plantation all around.

Whether you add the natural plants or artificial ones; green colored plants always add a touch of freshness to your home decor and helps in creating an ambience of beautiful calmness and peace all around. You can either put up natural succulent plantation or potted plants in the form of vases.

2. Beddings

Add different shades of green to your beddings and see how they transform the entire outlook of your bedroom so effortlessly. Gone are the days when people were reluctant to experiment with bold colors and wanted to stick with the regular, conventional ones.

These days, being bold is a trend. Therefore, you can go ahead and buy top comforters, curtains, pillow sets and related bedroom accessories without thinking twice.

3. Wall Paints

Who would paint their walls green? You might be wondering how the walls of your home will look like if you break the tradition and go for bold color patterns of green! To tell you the truth! Home decor experts simply love green color and strongly recommend adding it to your home decor in the form of wall paints.

Moreover, you can also go for wall paints in contrast to various shades of green or paint a single wall in every room with various green palettes.

4. Accessories

Green can be a funky color if you add it to various accessories in your home. Although it oozes out tons of calmness and peacefulness; bold shades of green are strongly recommnded to be added in different accessories of your home decor for instance lamps shades, green beddings, lighting equipment and kitchen appliances.

Basically green shades can be incorporated anywhere but you have to balance it well. 

5. Carpets and Rugs

Put a green colored carpet or rug in the middle of your living room and see how it makes it more stylish and beautiful without making any fuss about it. Normally; we tend to choose lighter shades for carpers and rugs but if you add bold colors in main hallways or living rooms in your homes, green should be your preferred choice of color.

So! Go ahead and check the latest trends and color combinations of green that are available in the market today!

Author Bio

This post was written & submitted by Julie Austin.
She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs over on

Julie has worked with me before when she submitted this post so check that out as well!

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 47


School is in!

So am I the only one thats actually excited about school starting up!? I know for some of you that are in high school, middle school etc.. classes have already started for you. But for my fellow college students this is our last wee everyone!

I know a lot of you are like josh why are you actually excited about that?d But honestly I really am because honestly the summer time can get boring after a while so going to school at least you have something to do everyday you know what I mean?

But anyway...

Yes I am excited, classes start Monday actually and its going to be a lot of fun. Welcome week means lots of events on campus and lots of social gatherings to make new friends, join clubs and organization, FREE FOOD, (because that's why majority of us go). I can't wait to get into all the festivities and meet a ton of new people and make some lifelong friends.

This will also (hopefully) be my last semester so I will be graduating will my degree soon! If not this fall semester than I will for sure be outta there by spring.

I am so excited to get these classes going and knock em' out the park!

Last Minute College Essentials



College is right around the corner for a lot of us (including me), and with that being said you need to double, triple, and quadruple check that you have everything you need and all the tools to survive. Especially if you're going to be living on campus or going to another state/city for school. You may be in an area where you can just run to the store... ya never know. Not everyone goes to school in the city ya know.

But anyway...

Hopefully you already have the majority of the things you'll need like bedding, fridge, microwave, school supplies etc... but just in case I'm here to give ya a hand and some tip and tricks to not forget.

I may not include pictures and links to every single product because this post would go on forever, so thats why I've included the college checklist down below so check that out!

I will break it down into the different categories to make a little less overwhelming..



Chevron Towels are from here
You are going to NEED a shower caddy! These keep all your items nice and tidy and together. Trust me sharing a bathroom may not be liked by everyone.

Shop this one here & similar in blue




Idk if any of you are like me when it comes to like storage and little bins, but I'm obsessed. I love it! Containers, boxes, cute little clear bins ugh its perfect especially when it comes to college. That way everything has its own little space and you can find everything when you need it.

These clear bins from Urban Outfitters are a great example of bins to use. I would recommend putting some labels on them just for decorative purposes but since they're clear you obviously know what inside of them.

For all my ladies who need storage for there makeup and beauty products, again I have to go with clear bins and containers to see your products. You all know those makeup bags can get messy and out of control at times. Am I right?

But of course you can alway use these for whatever you want not just makeup but even your school supplies. It always helps when the things you buy can be versatile and used for more than one purpose.


Places to shop for college

There are quite a bit of places you can shop for your dorm decor, supplies, etc. I will be sharing some of my favorite places to get things. Great prices, quality products perfect.

I know when I first moved into college and was living in my dorm I shopped around literally everywhere for my items. From walmart to target, to ross so you really can't go wrong and it really just depends on what exactly you're shopping for at the moment.

Also be considerate of your price point as well there are items that you can get at different places for better prices. So definitely shop around, now I know if its last minute you probably won't have time to do so and things may be sold through but you can always try. It can get expensive once things start to add up. I say the main things that you need to spend your money on (which you don't have to spend a whole lot) is your microwave & fridge. (Here's my exact fridge from college) Btw: Always double check to make sure you know what items you cannot bring to school.

Take a look at this college list of things to get that I have included up above.. I didn't want this this post to be three days long so I kind of cut it short here so you all won't be here all day lol.

But definitely read the list from above and check that out, I know school is right around the corner for many of us (including me

I hope everyone has a successful school year for all my fellow college folks, if you're in high school I know school  started today for you all so I hope it all went well!

Much love xoxo

I will catch you on the next one for tumblr tuesday!

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 46


Is this post not aesthetically pleasing or what!? I'm obsessed, it honestly reminds me of one of my favorite influencers aesthetic Erica Stoleman of Fashionlush. She loves black and white themed items and I'm a huge fan as well.

I think you can never go wrong with heading "back to the basics" ya know? At the end of the day all colors started from the color black....  that's just a little color history for ya lol.

At one point in my life I use to want a minimalist wardrobe, very clean, crisp. Black and white etc... but then I really thought about it. Ummm josh you love color too much lol. My wardrobe would not be the one to turn to for minimalism. 

I definitely think it is a must to have the essential black and white pieces in your wardrobe.

A nice blazer + pants, even some nice denim jeans would be great of course. That way if you can still pair them with something a little more dressy on the top. Versatility is key in a wardrobe. And speaking of versatility.. come on you really can't get anymore versatile than black and white. 

Plus if you're one of those people that don't like wearing straight black and white and you like to have some color thrown in there, you can always do so with your accessories, or your shoes etc. Do a statement color that would stand out against the black and white. You absolutely can't go wrong what so ever.

For the women a LBD is mandatory! Btw for those that don't know LBD (Little Black Dress).
Its that dress that you can just throw on without thinking about it, you're rushing last minute and don't know what you're going to wear to your event? Bam whip out the LBD and your problem is solved. Isn't that just perfect!? The easier the better right?

Guest Post: 5 Easy Ways To Add A Mid Century Style To Your Home

Hey everyone! We are here today to share a guest post will you all (I know its been a while!) submitted to me by Jane Harper of Media Relations.

Author Bio:
Jane Harper is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home decor ideas. She regularly posts at

The mid-century design has taken everyone in grip when it comes to designing as a layman or as
the focal decorating theme by the interior designers. The look may seem simple, yet it alone can
serve the purpose of adding mid-century style to your home. Industrial décor is all about clean
lines and simple designs that give an exotic look to your space. Let the nostalgic feeling of the
50's sink in and get creative in playing with patterns and vibrant colors. What has made the style
so popular among masses? We as masses are tired of the hard and tough routine and want to add
some change and uniqueness to our life style that cast a calming effect on our eyes and nerves.
Enlisted in this article are five easy ways to add a mid-century style to your home and bring you
back to the natural and traditional charm of the good old days. 

Wood is never out of date when it comes to mid-century look:

Natural wood the central theme of all the interior decorators to achieve the mid century furniture look in one go. The modern wood furniture has lost its originality as it is either engineered or processed wood. Opt for high-quality furniture pieces of the 50's if you really want to achieve and incorporate the mid-century look in your interiors. The main characteristic of the style that would make you opt for the right accessory are clean teak, walnut, oak and rosewood.

Change the light fixtures:

Before renovating your home to a mid-century modern design do a little research and explore the houses that are already patterned on the mid-century style. Observe what the common features of the style are. Lighting fixtures can help you to carry and implement the style in a more disciplined and organized way. Unique pendant light fixtures are not only functional indeed they  can add to the decor buy giving a look of sculptural art. Look around until you find the piece that calls your name, and find accessories that complement each other. Indeed, bold lighting is another must-have accessory to take your home back to the artistic era of 50's.

Add a bar cart to your living room decor:

What can be a better option than a bar cart to mix and serve the drinks in a formal gathering. A bar cart is actually a table on casters that not only give a mid-century modern look to your decor but also increases its functionality as you can easily well it form one room to another. Moreover, it can also serve as decor item to hold all those fancy wine glasses and shakers to give a classic touch to your decor.

Look for sunburst mirrors:

Mirrors are considered as the perfect decor accessory for any type of decor. Mirrors by reflecting light invert direction of your home keep it spacious and airy. The reflecting principle of the mirrors can aid you to add a wow factor to your decor just by placing them wisely where they can refeclt a beautiful backyard landscape by placing it opposite to a garden door or window. A sunburst mirror is a perfect accessory that shines mid-century into your home.

Add a rustic touch to your interior decor:

Giving a rustic touch is another smart way to incorporate mid-century look in your home decor. You can add a rustic touch by using juste to make some handmade decor accessories. It is there unfinished look that saves your goal of achieving the industrial look. You can also use aged metals accessories to get the desired look.

I want to give a huge thank you to Jane again for submitting this post to my blog, I truly enjoyed the content and working with her. We are happy to have you apart of the family!

My Kinda Style

Sharing Some Style Inspo With You All

Don't you just love a good 90's VIBE!

I know I do! My overalls are my absolute favorite thing ever. 

To sum up my style in one word: #DIFFERENT

You will never see me trying to emulate someone else or not being 100% myself when it comes to my style. Now of course other people inspire me when it comes to fashion but I always keep things 100% me and genuine. Everyone is there own person so why would you want to be like someone else thats what I feel like ya know?

Like one of my absolute favorite people that I love to use as an example when it comes to originality would be @Pharrell. I adore this man when it comes to his sense of style! Ugh he's absolutely amazing and really so inspiring. He always creates different looks, starts trends, and such an innovator in the fashion industry as well as the music industry. He has been recognized in the fashion industry multiple times and has been seen at NYFW! (Example: When he presented his eco-friendly line) He's #ICONIC 

Okay so this next one should definitely not be a surprise to you what so ever...

I have done a couple posts about it.


I won't dwell on this topic too much because like I said I've talked about this plenty of other times before on the blog, but that being said I of course have to mention it. I think this is one of those things that absolutely anyone can pull off and look great in. (If its done correctly) 

Who doesn't have denim in their wardrobe? A nice denim button up, and denim jeans are a must in any and every wardrobe. Now you don't have to be obsessive like me and have like 4 or 5 denim shirts, a denim jacket, a million denim jeans, etc... but you should at least have something

In this post I'm wearing my absolute favorite denim shirt + it's the latest one I've gotten. Its no longer on the forever 21 website anymore unfortunately so I can't link it for you all but here are a ton of other great denim shirts.

It works in all seasons fall, winter, spring, and summer.. when do you not spot someone wearing denim? I'd like to know? I'll wait....

Still waiting....

Exactly! Lol

Btw outfit deets: Denim jacket: Rue21 Watch: Aldo Buttons: Hot topic Hat: Forever21 Similar here (I really want this fedora next) Denim Shirt: American Living

Your style will never go out of "style". I'm always re-inventing myself and trying out new things so my style is always fun and me. I think once you figure out what you like, what looks good on you, what doesn't look good on you, and what your vibe is, you're going to be unstoppable. Because lets be honest when you're doing you & be unapologetically yourself knowone can't tell you shit about yourself. Am I right or am I right?

That's all...