Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 22


There is something about a flat-lay that I love. I don't know they are just so cool to me.

For all of these flat-lays I wanted to keep the theme of fall and winter season. I wanted to showcase to you all the different looks you could try for this time of the year. It will be cold but you can be warm but still stylish.

You will be taking plenty of pictures, being in pictures, so why not look good for them?

Keep things in the spirit of fall and winter with the color scheme. Browns, Reds, Greens, but also don't be afraid to throw splashes of color into your look.

I think that's one misconception of this time of year is that there isn't much to do as far as color scheme. You don't have to stick to the "norm" of bland browns and boring blacks. Have fun!

If you need an idea of colors to pair with each other or colors to wear in general have a look at this post here!

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  1. These are great flat lays! I love the idea of throwing a splash of color with these looks! xo,



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