Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 20


Everything about all four of these looks I am obsessing over it.

1. Perfect fall and winter look for the female wardrobe. A nice fuzzy hat with a ball on top add some character to the look. I am also a huge fan of stripes of course so this is gorgeous. 

2. Come on!! I know I'm not the only one looking at this and going crazy right? Have you seen that skirt! Oh my gosh it looks so cool and refreshing. I think it adds a grunge type vibe but still girly because it has that skater girl shape. I don't know who is in this photo but she is killing it honey! Lol It reminds me of a look that you would see during fashion week.

3. Okay she's just gorgeous. Don't know who this girl or any of these girls are but they are all stunning. So cute and casual, a top knot bun, denim jeans, and casual tee. This is another look that you see out on the streets. Casual wear is one of my favorites, well of course I love me some dressy attire as well it just depends on the occasion.

4. Minimalism is everywhere and everything, I am a all for it.

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