The 12 Best Colors To Wear for Fall


Honestly you can wear whatever color you want, it really doesn't matter. That being said, there are certain colors that are highly recommended that you wear in the fall. These colors are all perfect for this time of year!

1. Marsala

Marsala is actually pantalone's color of the year for 2015. Since it's the perfect color for fall and winter you will definitely be seeing it a lot more and styled different ways this year. Marsala is a red/brown wine color and is pretty similar to burgundy or maroon. It's a gorgeous shade that complements everyones skin tones. This dress can be worn with tights, boots, and a sweater for when its  a little colder.

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2. Mustard

One of Pantone's colors for fall was called Oak Bluff but then it was changed to mustard because the director said "it reminded me of mustard, and mustard is one of my favorite hues for fall." According to Pantone it's a "mellow, comforting, and warming shade that brings good feelings." Mustard looks especially great on chunky sweaters and scarves.

3. Camel

Although camel wasn't on Pantone's list, we had to add it because it's such a classic fall shade. Am I not right? You can wear camel colors in literally anything type of clothing, from pants to sweaters to jackets. Camel Boots are also a great option because they're so versatile.

4.Olive Green

One of Pantone's colors is called "Dried Herb", which is basically the same as olive green-already a great fall color. Try olive green basically way you want to, especially in cargo, which is big this season. You can go for a cool jumpsuit like the one in the picture or somethings more simple like a tree or sweater.

5. Gray/Blue

Pantone color coming right at ya is called stormy weather. (which is really cute btw) It's suppose to be the same colors as the sky on a stormy, rain day. Get it? How fitting that this ASOS parka is literally the exact shade!

6. Sage

Desert Sage is another Pantone colors that is a cool greenish/gray color. It's stylish, pretty, and a little bit different. I love how it looks on this cotton shirt.

7. Burgundy

Burgundy is super similar to marsala but it has earned a spot on this list because it's such a great fall and winter shade. And it's a little but darker than marsala, so it's different enough lol. You can get burgundy in literally everything.

8. Dark Turquoise

Pantone's name for the dark blue-green color on their list is Reflecting Pond, which sounds so pretty and relaxing. It's almost like a dark turquoise, which is such a nice shade. This knit vest is perfect for layering in the fall.

9. Rose

Bored of all the earthy tones? Pantone's list for fall colors also includes some brighter, more feminine options, like their cashmere Rose hue, which reminds me of a dusty pink-ish color. Pink may remind you of summer & spring, but in this slightly more muted shade it looks perfect for October, November and hey maybe even December.

10. Orchid

If you're craving something even brighter, go for Amethyst Orchid, another Pantone color. This vibrant purple will stand out among the foliage. Keep it simple with a plain tee like this one, or use this color in a formal dress to go out.

11. Orange

Come on, what would fall be without an orange that matches the falling leaves? Pantone's orange is called Cadmium Orange, and its a little bit brighter than the Halloween orange you may be thinking of. Try it in this tunic-top.

12. Teal

The last Pantone color is a gorgeous teal, called Biscay Blue. Teal may not be typically associated with fall, but as you can see it blends in perfectly with everything else. And it's nice pop of bright color among all those earth tones.

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