My Christmas Wish-list


There is now officially on FOUR more days until christmas!
*Pause* Isn't it crazy how fast this year went by!
We all have our list of items that we would love for "Santa" to bring us! Right?
Or am I the only one... Nahhh I cant be.. But anyway let's get into what I would want for christmas.

*Btw these are in no particular order lol*

Oversized Sweater
Chelsea Boots
Marble Macbook Laptop Case
Gift Card from Forever 21
Sewing Fabric
Oversized Cardigan
This Sweatshirt
Gift Cards
Forever 21
iPhone Case
Vintage Fashions
Long Camouflage Print Cardigan
Laptop Case
Mophie Phone Case
The GlAMGLOW Skin care

There could be so much more I could add on to this list.. and I probably will later, but for now I will keep it short and sweet. Don't want you all reading forever lol.

I truly love you all, and thanks so much for reading my blog and being apart of That Trendy Fellow

You all are truly my online family! Until next time.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

*last updated 12/21/16*

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  1. Aww I hope you get everything you ask for! I've been wanting a mophie case too!
    'Enclothed Cognition


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