Must Have Monday


So since I got a new Mac recently, I thought why not get a laptop case to protect it. I'm pretty careful with it so I wont mess it up. This is my second one and I am not taking any chances with this one. This Macbook Pro Matte Gold case is so cute! I am really obsessed with the color, the look, and cant wait to order it. It's still sitting in my checkout lol.

Chelsea boots! These have been trending for years now. That being said I have wanted a pair for just as long lol. They're such an iconic pair of shoes and a stable in any wardrobe whether that be male or female. You can go casual, dressy, or chill they work for all occasions. This is why I need these in my life. These particular ones are from my absolute favorite shoes store, Aldo! Now be ready to splurge a little though because they're a tad pricey.

Simple but oh so cute! This Hoodie Sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters. I need, that's all I have to say about this honestly. I really like the color because it's a neutral color that can be worn with multiple items in my wardrobe, and any wardrobe. I have always loved a good floral print whether that be on a hoodie, a sock, whatever. I love them. Most people, especially males stray away from them because they look "feminine" but they are so do-able. I will be snatching this one up soon. Perfect for this time of season too.

Ugh! Okay this next item is beyond cute!! Its a rose gold arrow bracelet! Oh my gosh i'm screaming right now lol. (Not literally) It would be that piece that you throw on right before you head out the door, that adds that final touch. Its emaculent quality and honestly the price isn't half bad. Maybe I'll add this one to my christmas list this year?

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