Must Have Monday


I am in love with scarves! I have my mini collection hanging in my closet lol. I just think they are an essential piece in any wardrobe. They are so fashionable and stylish. You can really seal the deal with a scarf. This american flag scarf is from Forever 21, plus its on sale! It shall be added to my cart soon lol.

I love a nice pair of sweats, especially when they are cuffed on the bottom because it makes things more stylish, and easier. Most sweats kind of flare out at the bottom and to me that's very unflattering. I love that they're black and grey because they can be very versatile when you wear them by adding other colors. They look extremely comfortable.

Who doesn't love a good decorative pillow. I love pillows to be honest. I love when my bedding has a bunch of decorative pillows on it because it adds character to the bed and fun. This pillow is a reference to alice in wonderland which is one of my favorite movies to watch. It might be a little hard to be read in the picture but it says "we are all mad here". It's talking about the mad hatter and if you have seen the movie then you know what I'm talking about.

H & M is one of those stores where you can never go wrong in my eyes. Whenever I go inside the store I end up walking out with something 90% of the time. Prices are always good too. Lately I have been really loving this color in different items. These shirts look so unbelievably comfortable. There is always good material and even better a fantastic price.

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