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What's up everyone! I know it has been a minute  since you have seen this face. Lol

I have had no time to actually shoot blog pictures of myself so that's why you haven't being seeing a lot of me. I have been working on the blog a lot recently. If you have been visiting for the past few weeks, even the past couple of days, you may have noticed changes.

I like things to be perfect and just how I want it when it comes to the blog. The layouts, fonts, colors, etc everything has to be nice. If it isn't how I want it I will get it there. From templates to fonts, colors and everything else in between. I am at a point right now with the blog that I am really satisfied with the turnout and how it looks. I have a couple more things to add soon that I am working on. Unril then I am definitely satisfied with what I have currently.

As a blogger, we can be our own worst critic sometimes because we want things to be perfect. Just breathe and take your time, work at your own pace.

I still have things to accomplish with "That Trendy Fellow" and I am getting there. I don't ever plan on stopping. I want to encourage everyone, blogger or not to stay in good spirits and have a beautiful FRIDAY!

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