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Myself and the lovely blogger Simone Robinson of blog "" have come together and created interview posts! 

1. What made you want to create a blog?

"I created my blog as a result of a conversation I had with a journalism professor at my university. He suggested that I start a blog to get accustomed to writing and build up a body of work. I took it into consideration and brainstormed for a few months. My blog was ultimately supposed to be about art and cool spots to visit in NYC, but it naturally morphed into a fashion and lifestyle blog."

2. What does the name of your blog mean?

"I chose the butterfly in Prime Butterfly, because butterflies have been an important symbol in my life. The stages of the butterfly, particularly, have definitely been reflective of my journey as a blogger too, because I started out extremely shy and private (Caccoon) and now I've morphed into somewhat of a social butterfly."

3. For someone wanting to pursue blogging do you have any tips?

"Just be yourself and talk about what you are truly passionate about. Also, don't be afrain to broaden your horizon by taking writing, photography, social media and/or video editing classes at your school! It'll definitely make you more marketable for you career!"

4. How would you describe your style?

"I would say that right now my style is very experimental. I'm definitely 50% tomboy and 50% girly girl,  so I love to add edgy masculine pieces and feminine elements to my looks. For every day, I typically gravitate towards basic colors, but I've been incorporating bolder colors, prints, and daring textures."

5. What figure in your life has contributed to or influenced the essence of your style?

"Definitely my mother! She always had a keen eye for fashion, always successfully predicting what the next trends will be. Her style is a contribution of bohemian and minimalism with a flare of Caribbean dancehall style, which is due to her Jamaican background/culture."

6. How has your style changed over the years?

"It's definitely changed for the better! When I was younger, I didn't really have much of a style. I just went with the flow of trends at the time or things that I perceived as out of the ordinary. I went through a phase where I only rocked black in the summer along with skulls and bones. Now, my style is based more on comfort and my mood. If I;m feeling more chill, I'll throw on a pair of joggers and a big batman t-shirt, and if I want to look sexy, I'll rock something form fitting and black."

7. What is your go-to outfit of the day?

"My go to outfit of the day is a graphic tee or cropped sweater paired with high waist jeans, boots and my leather jacket."

8. What media outlet or celebrity do you typically gravitate to for inspiration?

"Mainly YouTube and Instagram! I love to go on Instagram accounts that feature 90s runway fashion and celebrity style. As for YouTube, I spend most of my time there watching fashion and beauty based channels."

9. What is the best fashion advice your family or friends have given you?

"My mom always told me to be well dressed and groomed at all times, because I never know who I'll meet or bump into!"

10. If you could wear one item from your closet for the rest of your life, what would that be?

"I would wear my black leather jacket from H & M!"
11. What do you like to splurge on?

" High Heels form Nine West and Leather Jackets!"
12. What fashion rule do you abide by?

" Never be afraid to take a risk and try something different!"

13. What bloggers or You-Tubers do you follow for inspiration?

"My favorite blogger and YouTuber of all time is Shirley B. Eniang. She is the epitome of classic fashion and beauty. I'm also a huge fan of 4YallEntertainment vlogs. They're editing skills are amazing, and it really encourages me to up my game when it comes to my YouTube channel. Symphani Soto and Aaaliyah Jay are the main YouTubers I follow for makeup inspiration."

14. What is one lesson your blog has taught you?

" The biggest lesson my blog taught me was to be myself and never be afraid to take risks."

15. What challenges did you face during your blog journey? How did you overcome them?

"During my blog journey, the hardest thing I had to face was my shyness and introvert nature. Due to those characteristics, I was too afraid of how my work would be perceived, so I kept my blog a secret for a year, which prevented me from developing an honest audience and hindered me from amazing opportunities."

16. What is your ultimate blog goal?

"My ultimate blog goal is getting to a point where I can attend international fashion weeks, advise upcoming bloggers/influencers on their journey and create a fashion web series on YouTube."

17. Describe the process of shooting your style post. Who takes your photos? How do you prepare? What tools do you use?

"For my photo-shoots, the first thing that I like to do is charge my batteries for my DSLR camera the night before or morning of my shoot. While they're charging, I go through my wardrobe and create outfits. I typically take the photo myself, using a camera remote, a sturdy tripod and my DSLR. However, I also love to do collaborative shoots, where I'll take photos of my friends and in return, they'll take photos of me."

Thanks so much to Simone for this awesome interview! To see my side of the interview click here!

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