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Hello everyone! Today I bring you a guest post! It was such a pleasure to have Tajinder Sandhu do an article for my blog. I felt really honored and I really appreciate it.

So lets get into the post

Casual Glam

Outfit Details: Trousers from NEXT, Crop Trop from BOOHOO, Bralette from M&S, Fila from JD Sports, Bomber Jacket from PRIMARK, cap from PRIMARK, choker from BOOHOO, studs from INDIA

Hello my lovelies

The holiday season is well upon us; despite the cold weather we want to remain the glam individuals that we truly are. Whether it's incorporating a single item into our outfits or being inspired by an occasion, such as Christmas, New Year's Eve (NYE), or merely the parties accompanied with the season. Extravagant faux fur coats are practical for the cold weather and appropriate to add a hint of fierceness to a laid-back style, increasing style points instantly. During autumn and winter boots are the go-to item to complete an outfit, as they can be dressed up or down. The trend everyone has been going wild about are over the knee boots, I can honestly say I see the appeal. They add a sex appeal element to an outfit as the thighs are usually the only flesh on show; it's subtle but effective. To style this trend pair black over the knee boots with a t-shirt dress, a choker and arm candy. Many celebrities have rocked this style, from Rita Ora, Kylie Jenner, and numerous fashion bloggers around the globe.

The examples of both fashion trends were about adding boldness to a casual outfit. Occasionally we don't want to get glammed up, frankly we're comfortable in our sweatpants and crop tops, but we can't attend an occasion looking underdressed. I whipped together an outfit ideal for these moods entitled casual glam. I paired my blue patterned trousers with a boxy white crop top (known to be chic and timeless) and a lacy bralette underneath as this adds femininity to the outfit. I went on to add white Fila's to match the top, a black bomber jacket that I absolutely adore, and in my opinion completes the laid-back look. As for accessories, I keep it minimal (as usual) by sticking to my go-to black choker, cap, and studs.

Stay Classy and Blessed,

I want to thank Tajinder so much for submitting this guest post to my blog! It was honestly great to read and fun to do. 

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