Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 19


Just letting you all know before you judge me.. this post is being written at like 2 in the morning and I'm almost half asleep lol. That being said if it sounds a mess to yawl. My bad! :)

So I absolutely adore street wear and street fashion especially this time of the year.

These looks are stunning,The blush pink/nude color (like the first photo) has become a staple color recently, It has really been a huge color trend and it has been showing up a lot more recently and I am all for it. Honestly I think it is a staple color that every woman should have in there closet. It works for multiple skin tones, you can style it multiple ways, its not a color that someone would be worried about wearing ya know. It's definitely a "Safe" color, especially if you're someone who doesn't wear a lot of pink.

The first photo would definitely be my go-to look for just an everyday ensemble. If I could wear woman's clothing for a day (please don't think I'm crazy) boom, that would be it. Simple, relaxed, but still "dressy" enough for me to not classify it as a "bummy" look. It's just the right amount of casual and just the right amount of effort, which is the perfect combination right!?

Here's a challenge for my readers....

Wear something that you thought you would never wear in a million years. Step out of your comfort zone this week and wear those ripped jeans, add that extra inch on that heel, take that makeup off/on. You'll be surprised you may find that you have a love for something that you may have thought you never would before.

I would love to know what you try! Leave a comment on this post or enter it in the "Drop A Note for Me" box!

Until next time..

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