Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 15


Okay hands down this has got to be my favorite Tumblr Tuesday so far.

The entire aesthetic of this post I'm just absolutely in love with.

It just screams minimalism, chic, classy I love it.

Everyone needs a nude palette in their wardrobe in my personal opinion. You can't go wrong. Neutrals are a lifesaver and they can be worn over & with everything!

It's a great color for the fall and winter seasons as well. I am dying to find another coat but definitely wanting it to be in this color. I have to make it happen, just saying...

Ugh that pictures speak for themselves.. I don't have to say another word :)

Until next time my loves!

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  1. I love my colours but, neutrals are surely lovely. I love the soft feel to them. :)



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