Must Have Monday


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Its a new week, meaning a new "Must Have Monday!" come on y'all know that drill by now.

Okay so this week the items are kind of all over the place lol. I know some of you are wondering what the hell is going with this gigantic bear on the list, but we shall get to that in due time.
The first thing we are going to dive into today is this leather moto jacket! I have been wanting one of these ever since I started getting into fashion and loving clothing. It seemed like everyone who was known had one. Not only for that reason did I want it but, they are just a staple item in any wardrobe. Especially since we are finally in fall and winter seasons this will get plenty of use from me... once I get it. This particular one happens to be from none other than forever 21. You can see more here, here and here.

This Tommy Hilfiger shirt is so vintage to me! It look so authentic and of course it has the iconic Tommy Hilfiger colors. I could would definitely be wearing it whenever I got the chance to. That's what usually happens when I really like something. I tend to "over-wear" things, but come on is there really such a thing. I mean you bought it so of course you're going to get your wear out of it before you have to let it go lol. I have worn items multiple times trust me, and have never had a problem lol.

If you all don't know this about me, which I'm sure you don't is that I love fun socks. Multi-colored, different prints, I love it. My sock drawer is definitely an "adventure" so to speak. They add that extra POP to your entire outfit. These beige/creme striped ones are so cute and they would be great because I would be able to wear them with multiple items & outfits. 

Isn't this bear the cutest thing ever. You can't deny it! It's an actual life-size bear! I think this is the cutest thing ever and I want one. These would be a great present to gift someone or if you're like me, to keep for yourself. They can range in price, I have seen some that are quite expensive and some that are more on the affordable side. So you can decided which one exactly you would like. I have linked to the one pictured above here.

Honestly this post was quite interesting lol.. but I hope you enjoy reading it!

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