10 Things I Am Thankful For


It's thanksgiving and the time of year where we all kind of reflect on things that have happened to us and the many blessings that we may have had.

Today I'm going to share 10 things I'm thankful for

1. Family: Can always count on them when I need them. They're always a phone call away. 
2. Friends: We share laughs, secrets, advice and just about everything else. I love every single one of them because they all bring something special into my life. 
3. Faith: Without god I wouldn't be able to do anything and succeed like I have been doing so far.
4. My Education: Being able to go to college was always a wish of mine and now that I am in currently in college, I have seen that wish come true. 
5. Clothes/ Fashion: This may sound petty but I am fortunate enough to have something to wear everyday. There are people who don't have the luxury (because it is a luxury) to actually choose what to wear. They're lucky if they have something, ya know and I'm happy to be where I am. 
6. To live: To be alive and well in general is something to be thankful for, not everyone woke up today, and some may not make it through the day. 
7. Expression: I can express myself in whatever way I want. Whether that be through my style, or verbally. It's feels great to stand out and be an individual. 
8. To be loved: To have people who truly care and love about you, it's truly a blessing. Not everyone can say that they have someone in there corner rooting for them.
9.Being Happy: To have joy in my heart and to be happy. I am thankful. Will all the stuff that's happening in the world today, to be happy is a great feeling. I just want to tell everyone to remain in good spirits. 
10.Singing!: For those that don't know, I can sing, and I have been singing for at least 12 years now. I started singing in the fourth grade and haven't stopped since. 

Well that's all for this post you guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this! 

Everyone please enjoy your thanksgiving, and if you are shopping be careful. 

Just keep in mind what are you thankful for this year? Be blessed. 

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