10 Misconceptions About Blogging


Today I'm here to break down what it's like to be a blogger and blogging in general, with this little list on the misconceptions of blogging.

What you hear isn't always true

1. Blogging isn't hard work: Haha you're funny, it's not as easy as it looks. Thanks to technology anyone can be a blogger at any time, from anywhere, and this convenience leads to many lazy bloggers on the internet. Professional bloggers (and I'm not trying to say I'm one in any way) but for those that are, take what they do very seriously.They spend countless hours a week writing posts, researching information,finding or making images and editing work over & over again. Blogging also requires the ability to think, work, and react quickly-after all, we must keep up with the latest trends in fashion,beauty,technology,health,fitness (sometimes even more) at all times.

2. Writing is easy: Writing may seem like a no-brainer because almost everyone does it every day. Stylized writing—the kind used in blogging—however, requires a lot of thought and concentration; a blogger’s writing must appeal to his or her intended audience while maintaining a unique voice and personality. Not to mention, there are countless nit-picky grammar rules to remember, as well as style and ethical guidelines to follow

3. Bloggers are superficial & materialisticFashion and beauty writers have a (false) reputation for being petty. While there are surely shallow types in every field, many fashion and beauty gurus promote self-expression, individuality and female empowerment—not just the clothes or make-up. Additionally, bloggers cover an exceptionally wide range of meaningful topics, including technology, health and fitness, travel, art and culture, just to name a few.

4. Blogging is a waste of time: To some, blogging is a career; to others, it's a creative outlet; to others it's a means of raising awareness, sharing knowledge or helping a cause. Blogging is a cool way to meet new people, to make new connections and to learn outside the classroom and as long as a blogger enjoy what he or she is doing, it's never a waste of time.

5. Bloggers have awesome social lives: Hello, blogging is work! Bloggers have just as much time to be social as anyone else. It isn't all fun and games around here.

6. Bloggers are ant-social: This is 100% untrue, at least for me it is. As bloggers we are very social since we are always working on collaborating, or getting ideas from fellow bloggers. That being said just as there are materialistic and superficial individuals in every profession, there are introverts in every profession. Besides, for every introverted blogger there is a blogger who's just as outgoing. 

7. Bloggers are handed freebies all the time: Now I seriously think this an extreme misconception for bloggers. Every time you scroll through Instagram you're likely to spot a big-name blogger thanking a brand/trend company for the new swimsuit, makeup, etc. Companies like bloggers with upwards of at least 3,000 followers to wear their goods/brand in hopes of growing their fan base, which is why certain bloggers are sent certain products. Most bloggers, on the other hand are seldom to never sent freebies during their blogging careers. (This is me currently lol)

8. Bloggers get paid to promote certain brands or products: Due to media law and ethic, bloggers are required to disclose when they are being compensated for promoting a product. If there's no disclosure, chances are the blogger is promoting the product because he/she genuinely likes it and recommends it. Most commonly, bloggers will use the hashtag #Ad to let their followers know when they are being paid to advertise a certain product. 

9. Bloggers love the spotlight: Personal style, beauty, fitness. and lifestyle bloggers post a number of images or videos of themselves because, well they're personal bloggers, not because they're craving attention. Blogging this way is simply a way for them to showcase their personalities. Other bloggers, however, prefer staying behind the scenes in order to giver their followers the inside scoop. At fashion shows, these bloggers are usually sporting ponytails, plain clothes and no make-up, and are trying to stay away from cameras as best as they can.

10. Bloggers are only after followers and fame: This is another stereotype that's only true for a small fraction of people in the blogging sphere. Bloggers blog because they care about a topic, like to write and want to share their opinions. Whether they had 500,000 followers or five followers, most bloggers would still be doing what they're doing. However, it can be easy to get caught up in the followers and the fame, and for some followers, this makes it difficult to stay grounded, which is where this stereotype comes from.

 I hope this post gave you all soft of an inside scoop into what it's like being a blogger. It's not all glitz and glam, it truly takes effort. Thanks so much again for continuing to support me.

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  1. I can relate to this so much. Some people may not know or care about the effort that bloggers put into their work on an everyday basis, but it really is very time-consuming and takes a lot of work and effort on our part. Thank you for bringing attention to this "behind the scenes" look of the life of a blogger.

    1. Exactly, I'm just here shed some light on things


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