Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 19


Just letting you all know before you judge me.. this post is being written at like 2 in the morning and I'm almost half asleep lol. That being said if it sounds a mess to yawl. My bad! :)

So I absolutely adore street wear and street fashion especially this time of the year.

These looks are stunning,The blush pink/nude color (like the first photo) has become a staple color recently, It has really been a huge color trend and it has been showing up a lot more recently and I am all for it. Honestly I think it is a staple color that every woman should have in there closet. It works for multiple skin tones, you can style it multiple ways, its not a color that someone would be worried about wearing ya know. It's definitely a "Safe" color, especially if you're someone who doesn't wear a lot of pink.

The first photo would definitely be my go-to look for just an everyday ensemble. If I could wear woman's clothing for a day (please don't think I'm crazy) boom, that would be it. Simple, relaxed, but still "dressy" enough for me to not classify it as a "bummy" look. It's just the right amount of casual and just the right amount of effort, which is the perfect combination right!?

Here's a challenge for my readers....

Wear something that you thought you would never wear in a million years. Step out of your comfort zone this week and wear those ripped jeans, add that extra inch on that heel, take that makeup off/on. You'll be surprised you may find that you have a love for something that you may have thought you never would before.

I would love to know what you try! Leave a comment on this post or enter it in the "Drop A Note for Me" box!

Until next time..

10 Things I Am Thankful For


It's thanksgiving and the time of year where we all kind of reflect on things that have happened to us and the many blessings that we may have had.

Today I'm going to share 10 things I'm thankful for

1. Family: Can always count on them when I need them. They're always a phone call away. 
2. Friends: We share laughs, secrets, advice and just about everything else. I love every single one of them because they all bring something special into my life. 
3. Faith: Without god I wouldn't be able to do anything and succeed like I have been doing so far.
4. My Education: Being able to go to college was always a wish of mine and now that I am in currently in college, I have seen that wish come true. 
5. Clothes/ Fashion: This may sound petty but I am fortunate enough to have something to wear everyday. There are people who don't have the luxury (because it is a luxury) to actually choose what to wear. They're lucky if they have something, ya know and I'm happy to be where I am. 
6. To live: To be alive and well in general is something to be thankful for, not everyone woke up today, and some may not make it through the day. 
7. Expression: I can express myself in whatever way I want. Whether that be through my style, or verbally. It's feels great to stand out and be an individual. 
8. To be loved: To have people who truly care and love about you, it's truly a blessing. Not everyone can say that they have someone in there corner rooting for them.
9.Being Happy: To have joy in my heart and to be happy. I am thankful. Will all the stuff that's happening in the world today, to be happy is a great feeling. I just want to tell everyone to remain in good spirits. 
10.Singing!: For those that don't know, I can sing, and I have been singing for at least 12 years now. I started singing in the fourth grade and haven't stopped since. 

Well that's all for this post you guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this! 

Everyone please enjoy your thanksgiving, and if you are shopping be careful. 

Just keep in mind what are you thankful for this year? Be blessed. 

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pictures This Week 18


You all know the routine by now, its a new week which means a new Tumblr Tuesday!

We are focused on more of the beauty side of things this week.

If you haven't seen the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream around, then where have you been.. under a rock? These bad boys have been spotted all over the internet especially on Tumblr.  What attracted me to them was the soft nude colors but with a hint of glam. It comes in a bunch of colors so you can just get lost in them.

Keeping this on the beauty side of course, this gorgeous highlighter, which I couldn't find for you all sorry is just beyond pretty. When this is applied to the cheekbones be ready to blind some folks because its a killer. So grab your favorite Morphe fan brush and get to slaying! To get a little discount, because I know we all love those, use code "MannyMua" to shave that price down just a tad.

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 17


Blush tones, blush tones, blush tones! I seriously can't get enough. Clearly since I've done quite a few posts with this color scheme in it. No but seriously this is an absolutely gorgeous color and me personally I think it;s a must have in any female (or male ya never know) wardrobe. This color can be found in everything from makeup, fashion and even technology.

In my personal opinion I think this will be a color that will always be around and never go out of style. Its a really pretty and elegant color, so it will be trending for a long time. You can wear this color during any season from fall to summer, winter, and spring. I may do a post on that about how to wear this color multiple ways, and in different seasons. What do you all think? If that is something you would like to see then let me know by leaving a comment.

BTW: The last photo is the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit. I am not sure which one it is to be exact but if I find out I will update this post and insert it. Check out there site for more of there makeup collection!

I really enjoy creating these posts for you all to read and to those of you who actually read my content thank you so much honestly. You guys/gals are truly the ones that keep me going and help me continue to upload content for you all to see. I hope you will join me again next week when I upload a new one! Until then, stay beautiful and always, always, always.... y'all know what I'm going to say. Keep it trendy :)

Must Have Monday


Today's Must Have Monday... lets get into it..

This Q Wander touchscreen watch from Fossil... just look at this beauty you guys. Fossil is one of my absolute favorite brands. I already have a red watch that I am in love with but I really want to get another one because the wristband broke off of it. I think this would definitely be a great addition to my watch "collection". I love that copper look that it gives. To sum it up, I'm a FAN.

I have always wanted to see what I look like with a septum! This is a fake one from Hot Topic that I would like to try out just to see how it would look on me. It is so cute! I have always been a fan of these... just on certain people. The embellishments on it give it a more classy vibe to it. I definitely want to give it a go though and see what it would be like. This may be a good thing or it could turn out really wrong, we shall see.

You all know I am a huge fan of hats and seriously I'm obsessed. This particular brand called BRIXTON is high end and very classic. Fellow blogger Kasey, from styled by kasey has done a few posts where she is wearing a hat from this brand. I am obsessed with this one and it's in my absolute favorite color, this hunter green is stunning I just love it.

Breezy Basics


Beanie: Forever21 Similar Here Scarf: Ross Long Sleeve: Hollister Similar Here Black Short Sleeve: Rue21 Watch: Aldo (Sold Out) Jeans: Gap Boots: Aldo Similar Here

We are in that phase of the weather when its color but quite cold enough for a coat. Ya know what I mean? You can just throw on a long sleeves, maybe a scarf, beanie, and you'll be great for the rest of the day. Well that's clearly what it was like today. I basically just described my outfit lol.

I kept it pretty simple as far as the color scheme goes. Minimal black, white and grey but of course y'all know I had to throw on some color. That is a must for me in a look. To accomplish that I threw on one of my favorite beanies. This auburn beauty has come in handy more than once during this time of the year. It also helps when you're having ones of those bad hair days. Which is usually pretty often for me lol.

I really enjoyed wearing this look because I was comfortable the entire day and never had a problem with warmth. It was a perfect combination. This is my favorite time of the year anyway these kinds of looks are just perfect. I will have more outfit posts coming soon so stay tuned for them all! I am really excited because I think you all will enjoy it.

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pictures This Week 16


So for this week I wanted to switch it up a bit and keep things on a black and white scale as you can see.  Me personally, I am actually a big fan of black and white pictures. I think they can tell such a story through the pictures. They give off more emotion to me than pictures that are in color. The pictures I have compiled together for this week, I loved because they all express an artistic form. Whether that is through the art of dance, photography, or art itself.

Here's a quote from Ted Grant, an author, he said: Quote: "When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white you photograph their souls!"

I think that is so true, when you look at a black and white photo you can almost feel the picture come to life so to speak. Your focus is actually on the photo itself and understanding it, not just what's in the photo. All four of these photos I really really enjoyed of the ones that I saw and I thought wow they would all look great together.To me they're all an art form in different ways. Consider looking at some black and white photos yourself, and really think about what that photo is trying to say.

Let me know if you enjoyed this Tumblr Tuesday this week, like I said I wanted to do something different and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Must Have Monday


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Its a new week, meaning a new "Must Have Monday!" come on y'all know that drill by now.

Okay so this week the items are kind of all over the place lol. I know some of you are wondering what the hell is going with this gigantic bear on the list, but we shall get to that in due time.
The first thing we are going to dive into today is this leather moto jacket! I have been wanting one of these ever since I started getting into fashion and loving clothing. It seemed like everyone who was known had one. Not only for that reason did I want it but, they are just a staple item in any wardrobe. Especially since we are finally in fall and winter seasons this will get plenty of use from me... once I get it. This particular one happens to be from none other than forever 21. You can see more here, here and here.

This Tommy Hilfiger shirt is so vintage to me! It look so authentic and of course it has the iconic Tommy Hilfiger colors. I could would definitely be wearing it whenever I got the chance to. That's what usually happens when I really like something. I tend to "over-wear" things, but come on is there really such a thing. I mean you bought it so of course you're going to get your wear out of it before you have to let it go lol. I have worn items multiple times trust me, and have never had a problem lol.

If you all don't know this about me, which I'm sure you don't is that I love fun socks. Multi-colored, different prints, I love it. My sock drawer is definitely an "adventure" so to speak. They add that extra POP to your entire outfit. These beige/creme striped ones are so cute and they would be great because I would be able to wear them with multiple items & outfits. 

Isn't this bear the cutest thing ever. You can't deny it! It's an actual life-size bear! I think this is the cutest thing ever and I want one. These would be a great present to gift someone or if you're like me, to keep for yourself. They can range in price, I have seen some that are quite expensive and some that are more on the affordable side. So you can decided which one exactly you would like. I have linked to the one pictured above here.

Honestly this post was quite interesting lol.. but I hope you enjoy reading it!

10 Misconceptions About Blogging


Today I'm here to break down what it's like to be a blogger and blogging in general, with this little list on the misconceptions of blogging.

What you hear isn't always true

1. Blogging isn't hard work: Haha you're funny, it's not as easy as it looks. Thanks to technology anyone can be a blogger at any time, from anywhere, and this convenience leads to many lazy bloggers on the internet. Professional bloggers (and I'm not trying to say I'm one in any way) but for those that are, take what they do very seriously.They spend countless hours a week writing posts, researching information,finding or making images and editing work over & over again. Blogging also requires the ability to think, work, and react quickly-after all, we must keep up with the latest trends in fashion,beauty,technology,health,fitness (sometimes even more) at all times.

2. Writing is easy: Writing may seem like a no-brainer because almost everyone does it every day. Stylized writing—the kind used in blogging—however, requires a lot of thought and concentration; a blogger’s writing must appeal to his or her intended audience while maintaining a unique voice and personality. Not to mention, there are countless nit-picky grammar rules to remember, as well as style and ethical guidelines to follow

3. Bloggers are superficial & materialisticFashion and beauty writers have a (false) reputation for being petty. While there are surely shallow types in every field, many fashion and beauty gurus promote self-expression, individuality and female empowerment—not just the clothes or make-up. Additionally, bloggers cover an exceptionally wide range of meaningful topics, including technology, health and fitness, travel, art and culture, just to name a few.

4. Blogging is a waste of time: To some, blogging is a career; to others, it's a creative outlet; to others it's a means of raising awareness, sharing knowledge or helping a cause. Blogging is a cool way to meet new people, to make new connections and to learn outside the classroom and as long as a blogger enjoy what he or she is doing, it's never a waste of time.

5. Bloggers have awesome social lives: Hello, blogging is work! Bloggers have just as much time to be social as anyone else. It isn't all fun and games around here.

6. Bloggers are ant-social: This is 100% untrue, at least for me it is. As bloggers we are very social since we are always working on collaborating, or getting ideas from fellow bloggers. That being said just as there are materialistic and superficial individuals in every profession, there are introverts in every profession. Besides, for every introverted blogger there is a blogger who's just as outgoing. 

7. Bloggers are handed freebies all the time: Now I seriously think this an extreme misconception for bloggers. Every time you scroll through Instagram you're likely to spot a big-name blogger thanking a brand/trend company for the new swimsuit, makeup, etc. Companies like bloggers with upwards of at least 3,000 followers to wear their goods/brand in hopes of growing their fan base, which is why certain bloggers are sent certain products. Most bloggers, on the other hand are seldom to never sent freebies during their blogging careers. (This is me currently lol)

8. Bloggers get paid to promote certain brands or products: Due to media law and ethic, bloggers are required to disclose when they are being compensated for promoting a product. If there's no disclosure, chances are the blogger is promoting the product because he/she genuinely likes it and recommends it. Most commonly, bloggers will use the hashtag #Ad to let their followers know when they are being paid to advertise a certain product. 

9. Bloggers love the spotlight: Personal style, beauty, fitness. and lifestyle bloggers post a number of images or videos of themselves because, well they're personal bloggers, not because they're craving attention. Blogging this way is simply a way for them to showcase their personalities. Other bloggers, however, prefer staying behind the scenes in order to giver their followers the inside scoop. At fashion shows, these bloggers are usually sporting ponytails, plain clothes and no make-up, and are trying to stay away from cameras as best as they can.

10. Bloggers are only after followers and fame: This is another stereotype that's only true for a small fraction of people in the blogging sphere. Bloggers blog because they care about a topic, like to write and want to share their opinions. Whether they had 500,000 followers or five followers, most bloggers would still be doing what they're doing. However, it can be easy to get caught up in the followers and the fame, and for some followers, this makes it difficult to stay grounded, which is where this stereotype comes from.

 I hope this post gave you all soft of an inside scoop into what it's like being a blogger. It's not all glitz and glam, it truly takes effort. Thanks so much again for continuing to support me.

Throwback.. When I graduated high school


It honestly feels like this day was forever ago! For those that don't know I graduated from high school just last year. I was class of 2015! Woo! Go Cougars! It was such a beautiful moment and a perfect day to say the least.

I wasn't the smartest kid in the bunch in high school, I never have been but that being said I will do what I have to in order to get where I want to be in life. I worked my (insert cuss word here) butt off to make sure that I walked across that stage on June 6th. This was a moment that I had waited for my entire four years of high school. I mean doesn't every student want there day to come, when all there hard work pays off and you feel that sigh of relief. That is exactly what I felt on graduation day when I grabbed that diploma and smiled to everyone in the audience.

The morning of... well let me take you to the night before, I could hardly sleep! My mind was racing and still trying to come to the realization that I was about to be starting college and as my mom would say, entering the real world. I honestly just couldn't wait to wake up in the morning and put on my cap and gown. I had them hanging on my closet door all pressed and ironed. 

My mother greeted me the morning of graduation with "How's my graduate doing!!" She was so excited for me and couldn't stop saying how proud of me she was. I made sure I had everything prepped and ready to go so by the time I had to leave I would be good to go.

I had to throw something on because we had to be at UTA (University of Texas Arlington) at noon to have a graduation run through. I rode with some friends to the rehearsal and as we arrived you could see everyone smiling and all excited about the day. There was already tears making its way into my eyes as I came to realization that some people I would never see again. I had a lot of friends that would be heading off to universities out of town and some even out of state. This would be the last time that we see each other. 

Fast forward... we are inside of UTA, lined up, ready to walk out into out seats. As we walk into the auditorium I am just amazed at the ambiance of it all. Screaming family & friends as they watch from the audience, teachers and faculty smiling at us. It was a moment that I definitely have sunken into my memory and will never forget. Fast forward to the end of our ceremony and I go grab my diploma and I'm just covered in tears because it's a moment that I had worked my ass of all four years to get to.

If you are determined and dedicated, you can accomplish anything. I really want to inspire someone because it wasn't an easy road but I eventually got to my destination.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me and I'm glad I was able to share this with my readers today. Until next time...

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 15


Okay hands down this has got to be my favorite Tumblr Tuesday so far.

The entire aesthetic of this post I'm just absolutely in love with.

It just screams minimalism, chic, classy I love it.

Everyone needs a nude palette in their wardrobe in my personal opinion. You can't go wrong. Neutrals are a lifesaver and they can be worn over & with everything!

It's a great color for the fall and winter seasons as well. I am dying to find another coat but definitely wanting it to be in this color. I have to make it happen, just saying...

Ugh that pictures speak for themselves.. I don't have to say another word :)

Until next time my loves!

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