Recap 11 trends for 2016


This year's trends are...

Green Tea: Not only has green tea consistently been climbing the charts since the early 2000's, but it's been growing for a good reason. Green Tea is generally healthier than other beverages in its category. It contains less caffeine, and most importantly there are so many uses and variations of the product allowing the possibility for you to come up with the new product ideas that incorporate green tea or green tea extract.
Matcha: Yet another tea on the list, matcha tea has become an increasingly popular variation of green tea. It is considered to be a premium product. Ultimately is a very high-end green tea that has been ground into a fine powder. Since you actually consume the whole leaf as oppose to just steeping it, you get a much higher concentrate of good things in the tea. Much like green tea this product can be used as an ingredient in many other products.

 Beard Oil:Beard Oil has been trending for the last few years and it appears that the trend is continuing. Lately, the market has become pretty saturated with a lot of new companies but there's likely still room for those that get a little more creative and tighten their focus to serve narrow niches within the beard grooming category.
Coconut Oil Based Products: Considered healthy and functional, you can use coconut oil for everything from cooking to making your own soaps, toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, to even improving sleep. Some say it can even prevent Alzheimers. Click here for 101 other ways to use coconut oil

Tea based detoxes: Detoxes fit into the health and nutrition category and because of that there's always a new trend in detoxing. Right now, the detox trend is tea. Tea based detoxes aren't just trending, they're "Instagram famous". I'm sure you've seen them plastered all over your feed. While some of these products advertised may have additional ingredients in them to help you "detox" most of them are just plain tea.

 Drones & Accessories: If you watch the news, you likely have heard about drones. Whether it's about the military using them for missions, Amazon using them to deliver their products to homes, or civilians playing with them as a hobby, drones were huge this year. Looking into 2016 it appears they will only be getting bigger for sure.
Nootropics: Also referred to as "smart drugs" that help you focus better, think clearer, and work harder were big this year. Popular faces like Tim Ferris introduced many people to this relatively new term in 2015 and it looks like that is just adding fuel to the fire for 2016. Once thing to keep in mind is that nootropics are mostly unregulated market at the moment. You'll want to carefully consider this as a product and do your research before blindly selling unregulated pulls to the hopeful public. You can see more about it here on their website as well as the different kinds.
Adult Coloring Books: Okay now I don't know if I'm excited about this or weirded out? Honestly, though I would definitely be involved in this trend. Apparently, coloring books made for adults are really popular on Amazon's bestselling books list. Books with calming, meditative and spiritual themes appeal to adults looking to unwind. What do you think? Let's sit down and color while we think about it.

LED Lighting/ Led Flashlights: This industry has massive oppurtunity and the market is huge. In the coming decade, nearly all lighting will eventually be converted to LED lighting. It's much more enenrgy effecient, lasts exponentially longer than regular bulbs, is a lot more controllable and safer for the environment.

Niche Specific, Print-On-Demand Apparel: 2015 might be known by historians as the year of ecommerce apparel business. I don't see this slowing down at all this year. In face-I see it increasing. Companies like Printful are making it increasingly easy to create an apparel brand. As they continue to increase the number of ecommerce platforms they interrate with along with the apparel and customization options they offer, creating your own custom apparel brand is only going to become more popular.

Coffee Scrubs: Last but definitely not least on the list are coffee scrubs. I have seen these a whole lot and I have been dying to try them. This trend of coffee scrubs was started by a guy named Frank with a bunch of other players entering the market closely after. This a class and smart example of someone taking a current product on the market and re-purposing it for another market. To order some of your own click here! Here's a collection of all the products!

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