OPSU Homecoming Weekend


So this past weekend me and my family went all the way to Oklahoma to see my brother's football team (O.P.S.U Oklahoma Panhandle State University) as it was there homecoming weekend. It was such a fun time filled with laughs, lots of food and an intense football game. The downfall was the horrible heat though! Seriously thought I wasn't going to make it out there in those stadium seats. (Side note: For those of you who aren't season pass holders like myself, don't sit in the wrong seat!) People get serious about there spot since they paid for it.. won't be making that mistake twice.

That being said, we all had a fa-nominal weekend out in Oklahoma. For the most part I couldn't get any pictures of myself. Being in the environment of Oklahoma and his school was just amazing. Everyone had such a welcoming spirit and wanted you to enjoy yourself. I definitely did! I ate so much I thought I was going to be sick lol.

Btw: There will be more outfit post coming very soon I know I've been slacking! I promise I will make it up to you all.

Be prepared for more homecoming post to come! This week/weekend will be my homecoming so get ready to scream "GO CARDS!"

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