Must Have Monday


Yes it's Must Have Monday again! Gosh doesn't it seem like these weeks are going by faster and faster.

I have another iPhone case on today's list. You all know as I have mentioned in the past how much I love cases. Not just any iPhone case, but clear ones to be exact. I switch them up on the daily lol. I prefer clear cases like the one above. Since I have the rose gold iPhone they are better because you get to see the actual color of the phone. I want to be able to show it off. I always rely on my good friend amazon when I'm looking for a great case and a great price.

Now lets get into a little fashion shall we? Since we are in the winter months, (you can hardly tell with this crazy heat we still receive) I like to keep a great pair of boots. I currently own two pair, a brown one and a black one. Who says a third will hurt? Aldo's is my go-to place when I want another pair of shoes. Honestly half of my shoes collection is Aldo's. They always have great quality shoes and if you catch them at the right time you can get them at a spectacular price! I like a boot that can be versatile so I chose this one. Nice sole on the bottom and they seem like they'll last forever.

I swear I mention something from Forever 21 every week! The proof is in the pudding here, here, and here. Lol They are just one of my favorite stores to shop at. Whenever I am at the mall it's a must see store before I leave. This shirt though... come on, isn't it awesome! That color-blocking is so cool. This shirt has so much character to it! From the patterns, to the layering underneath I love it. I definitely want it in my wardrobe. Maybe i'll wait until it goes down some more because $61.99 is still a lot for me. (Y'all know I love a good sale.)

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