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Well guys, we survived another week! Thank god right? This past weekend for me was really busy. That being said it was a TON of fun though. You have already seen a little of what went on this weekend in this post I did! It was such a fantastic time for sure. Now lets dive into this weeks post!

First up on a brand new Must have Monday is this minimalist grey trench coat from forever 21! I love this store you all know that. I always find something that I want. Fall and winter season is my favorite because I can layer up all I want and walk around with my scarf and coat on. This coat mentioned is one that I have definitely been eyeing as of lately. It has that minimalist vibe to it and it looks extremely comfortable which are two great details!

If you all didn't know now you are about to find out, but I love iPhone cases! I love to switch them up and style them differently. I swear I change mine at least three times a week. They are so much fun and they just add character to your phone while protecting it. Now if you're a fashion lover like me they are even like an accessory because you can change them up to match anything! I have been on the hunt for a really nice clear one lately and I came across this one. Let me just say that I have to get it! It's so sleek and lightweight I'm a fan.

The long tee! Oh my gosh I can't get enough of these fantastic shirts. I currently have only two but that will be changing. I will definitely be adding this one to my collection sometime soon. These shirts are beyond comfortable and they are still so stylish at the same time. H & M is definitely my places to go when I want one because they always have the best ones at reasonable prices. There are so many way you can style it and again its COMFY. Who wouldn't want that in there life. I know I do!

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