Guest Post with Brianna Dorrough Part 2


Today we are back with the second half of the guest post submitted by Brianna Dorrough, a writer who was so kind enough to collaborate with me. If you haven't already seen the first guest post you can check that out here!

Let's get right into the second part:

DIY: 5 Things to do with your girlfriends!

A chic innovative guide to a fun-filled inexpensive weekend with your girlfriends!

Have your weekend plans with your girlfriends began to put a dent in your pocketbook? Well if you have friends anything like mine, your weekends are probably spent: shopping, going to movies, clothing, networking, meeting for brunch or a savory dinner! Oh and don't forget the drinks, queens love the drinks! Weekend expenses cab totally add up either leaving you broke or plain wishing that your friends were super boring! Before you go ditching your friends and vowing never to hang out again, plan one of these five fun and inexpensive tips to get quality time with your favorite chica's!

  • Plan a themed pajama party!
What girl doesn't love pajamas! Planning a potluck style pajama party where each friend brings either a drink or dish allows you and your friends to split the cost on party favors, while still having a good time. Making it themed will definitely spice it up and encourage your friends to excitedly get involved!
  • Party with a purpose!
Pick a weekend where you and your friends give back. Take an early Saturday morning , four of your friends and go volunteer at a local organization in your community! Working together to make a difference in someone else's life is priceless but a great foundation builder in any relationship.

  • Have a Karaoke Night!
Sign you and your friends up as different acts at your local karaoke night! It's a sure fire way to give and get good vibes as you entertain each other! Go as a solo or quartet! There are so many songs to choose from, this will definitely be one night to remember.
  • Plan a Spa Day!
If your friends are anything like mine, then they live for a good manicure and pedicure! Give your local spa a break and host Mani/Pedi day! It's a great way to spend time with friends while enhancing each other's look.Add a few mimosa's and finger foods, and your spa day is guaranteed to WOW the chica's! 

  • Go Exercising!
Turn two dollars Tuesday's into work-out Wednesday's with your friends! Instead of meeting up at your normal happy hour spot the day before, plan a date to the gym or in the park! Switch up the vibes throughout the week by exercising, it re-energizes your body and mind!

Real Friends Jog Together!!

I want to say thank you again to Brianna Dorrough for this great post! I hope you all can use these ideas next time you're out with friends.

Again, if you haven't seen her first guest post you can read all about it here!

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