What to wear to a college graduation?


Shirt: Old Navy Slacks: J Ferrar Shoes: Calvin Klein Suspenders: Jcpenny Watch: Aldo

We are in that season where graduations are occurring and you may not know what exactly to wear. I am here to help! I recently went to a college graduation myself and this is what I wore. Now, depending on the weather that day your look of course will be slightly different. It was a fairly hot day so I wanted to keep it very light and simple.

Short sleeved button up, slacks, nice pair of shoes and suspenders. We're all set! It will vary like I stated depending on weather. If it's a colder day then throw on a nice blazer to keep you warm. I recommend being comfortable but still formal because you're going to be on a college campus. If you don't know already that includes lots of walking. Now I'm mainly speaking to the ladies when I say this, but bring backup shoes. You don't want to be walking in 6 or 7 inch heels on a college campus. Slip on your flats or a more comfortable shoe when walking around and then you can switch to your heels when you actually get to where you need to go.

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