Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 9


Blush tones! Ummm can you say YES! The combination of black, white, and blush is absolute genesis. I first saw this combination together when I came across a fellow blogger Marianna Hewitt. She is the blush queen! Literally perfection. I think everyone has their very own signature look and style which is great. Certain things work for certain people and not for others. I love a minimalist look with a splash of color. Honestly, color in general is great to me, you should see my wardrobe lol. Now with this color scheme you can't go wrong in my eyes. I love that blush tone, its very suttle but still very noticeable. It works for every skin tone, it can transition to any season from summer-fall. I mean it doesn't get any better... Does it?

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