Tumblr Tuesday: Fav Pics This Week 8


This weeks Tumblr Tuesday is all about retro vibes! I love a great retro look and retro items. I think this sort of "theme" will never go out of style. Retro looks are always in for me. It's fun to take the past and make it brand new again. Just like we take vintage looks and make it present day. (Ex. How overalls have become very trendy) We couldn't be where we today in fashion without those looks from the past. These retro looks are mainly focused on the beauty side of it, instead of the style and fashion side. I'm a huge fan of this style and look for sure. From all the colors, to how everything creates a cohesive look. I'm definitely #TEAMRETRO on this one lol.

Retro looks were always so fun and outgoing! There was always lots of colors and cool intriguing prints. I think the female style dominated in this era. (Now don't get me wrong the guys did too!) I have on a retro look almost every Sunday lol, but seriously this style is perfection. You have definitely made a fan out of me! 

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