So ready for fall season!


Sweater: Gap Necklace: Hot Topic Pants: Gap Hat: Thrifted Shoes: Aldo

Come on, now I know I'm not the only one right!? Yes I love the summer but the Fall will always have my heart. The months between August through October are just heaven! Warm sweaters, boots, cozy sweats I'm all for it. Not to mention that my birthday is during the Fall!! Where all my October babies at!? Lol. It's more fun to get dressed in the Fall because you can just throw on a sweater or dress up some boots.

I'm also a huge lover of the fall colors. From the oranges, the browns, reds. Just give me them all! :) Check out Pantone's color report for 2016 here.

Just be prepared to see a lot of Fall looks ahead! Well I'll probably still have some summer looks as well because the way Texas weather is set up, we still get 80 degree weather some days. (Crazy I know)

Sidenote: Remember that today is 9/11 a date that will never be the same again.A tragedy that effected thousands of people's lives. Say a prayer on today and pray for the men and women who fight for our country. We thank you.

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