It's Officially Sweater Time


Beanie: Forever 21 (Old) Sweater: Gap Similiar Here Button up Shirt: Levi's Jeans: Aeropostale Shoes: Sperry Bag: Ross (old)

So I stepped outside and had to go back inside to get a sweater!!! You're probably asking why the hell am I so excited right? I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for "sweater weather", like its the time of the season where you don't need a coat but you also need to wear something.

It's the sign of the beginning of the fall and winter seasons! Like I have stated before in this post fall and winter time will always be my number one favorite seasons. Can't wait to walk around in cozy sweaters and drink hot chocolate, watch Christmas movies.. (Am I jumping too far ahead already? Lol) Now you see how ready I am

This is usually my go-to look during this season except when it gets even colder and I have to pull out my coat and scarves. I normally like to throw on a nice soft sweater and jeans, then bam I'm out the door. (Before I get comments about it, yes I put on shoes too lol ) I am so ready for the weather to get even lower and really show you all my absolute favorite ways to style my clothing when its cold. Maybe it will inspire you to re-create my look or even make one of your own. :)

What's your go-to look during the colder months leave a comment and let me know!

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 11


So honestly for today's Tumblr Tuesday, there wasn't really a "theme" in mind. You guys know I usually do a certain theme for each one of these posts. For example, last week's Tumblr Tuesday was all about that rose/pinkish color. I just honestly loved how all of these pictures flowed together and how they all looked a whole. It's a very nice dynamic and juxtaposition as a whole.

I do want to say that I have been wanting some Maison Des Fleurs for the longest! They have some of the prettiest flowers ever. So elegant and just a really nice set of flowers to give as a gift, use as decor, etc. If you guys don't know about these flowers they are ver high quality and so gorgeous. They are " A luxury rose retailer that offers unparalleled floral arrangements with unmatched design, effortless online ordering process, and a white glove level of delivery and shipping. We specialize in natural long lasting flowers delivered in our signature homemade boxes. We offer, shipping to all over the united states and will expand to the rest of the world very soon." So someday I will definitely be ordering some.

Well, I didn't have much to say for this weeks post everyone, but thanks again for joining me.

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Thanks for all the love and support!

Must Have Monday


First up on today's Must Have Monday's list..... the 13' Mac-book Pro! Okay I have been wanting one of these for years! Mac-books are like the ultimate laptop goals. Now, there are people who hate mac-books because they don't like apples layout and how they run there system....

I'm not one of those people. Lol. I have owned a mac-book before, but unfortunately it got messed up and now I cant even use it. The Mac-book Pro 13'' is next on my list to get. I already have it saved on my amazon account. I am determined to get it and keep it. These machines are just perfect to me. I am definitely an all apple products kind of guy. From my iPhone to this laptop I love it.

Distressed denim! Ugh! Now I have mentioned this before, how much I love distressed denim and ripped jeans. They are my absolute favorite style of jeans to wear. They just add that since of edginess to anything that you pair with it. I currently own like two pairs of ripped jeans and they are both my FAV ones to wear. I even love to dress them up. You don't even have to do a lot, just throw on a t-shirt, your jeans, a nice blazer, dress shoes and you're good to go. I love this  look because its versatile, it can go from semi formal to casual in the blink of an eye.

Since we are getting into the fall season, you all know what that means! It's finally time to dust off those cozy sweaters because it's sweater weather!.Recently Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen put up a post where he was wearing this gorgeous knit sweater. Lets just say, I need this sweater in my wardrobe PRONTO.



I just wanted to post something that I haven't done before so I thought lets have some fun  and post GIF's! What's more fun than that? :)

This neck piece is serving high fashion glam all day long! Such a stand out piece. This is definitely one of those items you wear with a solid color. All attention will be on your neck not your outfit!

Step into the building like BAM! You'll definitely turn heads with this little number on. I mean seriously I'm obsessed

Anyone else getting supernatural vibes from this picture? Lol but is it crazy that I love it though!?

So I just wanted to do something different for you all today. Clearly... Lol

So I love GIF's if y'all didn't know, they are so fun and interesting. They just add that extra wow factor to everything. I have seen (and I'm sure you have to) plenty of these splashed all across the internet. I have always loved them and thought where could I get some to put on my blog? I luckily stumbled upon a website called giphy. I am already in love! There are a TON of different gif's on there website its ridiculous. I seriously didn't think there could be so many out there lol. Well then again you do see them almost everywhere on the internet now a days.

You all should seriously check out there site, I'm sure you will find something to laugh at or admire. If you do check them out let me know by leaving a comment!

It's Friday guys so make sure you enjoy your weekend! Remember to stay positive. :)

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week! 10


Okay it's official I am seriously obsessed with this color! That rose/pinkish vibe its giving is absolutely stunning. If you aren't a fan... ummm I don't know what's wrong with you. Lol It's such a stunning color and just to die for. I think they should start making this color in more items, it can be found in plenty of beauty products, but there should be more clothing items like it. (Just putting that out there, so if anyone wants to hook it up lol)

You all know I like to keep things in a positive light and I always like to represent it in some way on my blog. That is one of the reasons why I like to add in a quote into these posts. If I change just one persons day and put a smile on someone's face, I have done my job. I added in the quote "We are grateful for right now" because it's 100% true. Sometimes we can get stuck in the here and now, and don't worry about the future. Always think how is what I am doing now going to effect me or someone else's life in the future. It's all about improvement and doing well in life.

Okay now this Kylie Metal Matte Lipstick! Isn't it gorgeous. It is such a pretty color. Come on, like I said before who doesn't love that rose color. Plus it looks like it has a shimmery look to it once you apply it to the lips, which just makes it that much better. Now I am not here to persuade you to go out and buy her products by any means at all, but I am a fan. I will admit that to you all, I am a fan. There are a lot of products in the Kylie Cosmetics brand that are really great items. So all my beauty lovers out there and makeup geeks grab you some to swatch and go for it! There are so many reviews on YouTube already but hey why not have another one lol. Everyone has an opinion of there own to give, so join the gang.

Thanks for joining me for another Tumblr Tuesday! Stay tuned for much more to come!

Must Have Monday


First up on this week's Must Have Monday is the morphie juice pack phone case! I have been dying to get one of these for the longest time. Like seriously, but they were always to expensive. They are definitely a great thing to have though. Trust me you'll be happy to have it when you're out and about then your phone battery dies. Kinda ruins the fun right? I've had that happen to many times...

The next item this week are these distressed all black overalls. (Here are some in blue) I already own a pair of overalls that are my absolute FAV, but I really want some distressed ones. I think these are so cool. They can be dressed up, dressed down etc just perfect. Such a great trend that'll never end.

St. Ives Facial Scrub! Why wouldn't someone want this product. I have heard nothing but positive feedback about it from bloggers to beauty gurus! It's so useful, so inexpensive and so perfect. Lately I have been really into facial scrubs, masks, all the beauty goodies. This one is still on my list of products to get, and I can't wait to try it out!

Take your look from 0 to 100 real quick


Jacket: Rue 21(old) Shirt: Old Navy Pants: Jcpenny Backpack: Fossil

Lets just start off by saying those of you who didn't get that reference, it's a song. Lol.
Now let's dive in shall we!

If you all know me I love to take any clothing item and make it my own. The unusual pieces and outgoing ones are what I like because it makes me different. Take this shirt that I'm wearing for example. It's definitely a shirt that's quite "different" not everyone would wear it, ya know.

It's colorful, vibrant, definitely a noticeable shirt. That's exactly what attracted me to it in the first place. I thought hey I could do a lot with this.

I paired it with these electric blue pants so I could bring out the colors even more. You could say I took it from 0 to 100 lol. Did y'all catch that drake reference?
With every look you should have appropriate accessories because they just really take things to a whole other level. One of my favorites is this fossil backpack. The print is so fun and the color is such a pop. Even though I have enough color in this outfit lol.

Entering the blogosphere


(For those of you that don't know what the "blogosphere" is , because I didn't at the beginning, the blogosphere is: "Made up of all blogs and their interconnections. The term implies that all blogs exist together and are a connected community or a social networking service in which everyday authors can publish their opinions."

Today I just wanted to give you all (my readers) some history. I have been blogging for five months now and I know that doesn't sound like much, but let me just say, it has been quite the journey. It took me a while to figure out what to name my blog, how I'm going to format it, etc. I have gone through numerous changes to my blog (and still going through them). I have always loved fashion and it will always be my first love. So that being said, what my blog was going to be about was the easiest part. Fashion of course! When you have something that comes easy to you, why not share it with the world right? Becoming a blogger has come with lots of positivity and perks, but it isn't all lilies and sunshine. It really is hard work once you start doing it yourself. I'm not going to lie, I really didn't see it as that hard. You just put up a post, take some pics. Well, my mindset has completely changed.

Scheduling posts, figuring out what to post (which is my biggest challenge), organizing your blog, etc. Sounds like a lot right? I mean it really is like having a job and I love every moment of it. I would love to get my blog to the point where I have an income coming in, and I can survive from just blogging. GOALS! Lol. There are full-time bloggers out there and I can't wait to get where they are in their career. I just want to be successful doing what I love, to be honest. With the combination of fashion and journalism, it equals the perfect formula for me.

It has been a fantastic journey and I want to thank all my viewers, and fellow bloggers, stylists, designers, because you all have really inspired me to do what I do today.

I can't wait to grow my blog and become better, and become a dominant figure in the industry.

Got any blogging stories to tell me, I would love to know how you all got started in blogging! Shoot me an email or comment below!

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 9

Blush tones! Ummm can you say YES! The combination of black, white, and blush is absolute genesis. I first saw this combination together when I came across a fellow blogger Marianna Hewitt. She is the blush queen! Literally perfection. I think everyone has their very own signature look and style which is great. Certain things work for certain people and not for others. I love a minimalist look with a splash of color. Honestly, color in general is great to me, you should see my wardrobe lol. Now with this color scheme you can't go wrong in my eyes. I love that blush tone, its very suttle but still very noticeable. It works for every skin tone, it can transition to any season from summer-fall. I mean it doesn't get any better... Does it?

Must Have Monday


So I have decided to start a brand new segment on my blog! Are you all excited, I know I am. It will be called "Must Have Monday's ". This segment came about after siting at my desk just thinking about stuff I want to purchase. Literally that's how it happened lol. I just thought to myself, everyone wants something so why not share with my viewers what I have been wanting. You never know there may be items mentioned that you all are looking for as well. Hopefully doing these posts will make the hunt easier. 🙂

So let's dive in to our first Must Have Monday: 

1. The first product is this "Lit" baseball cap! That phrase is so catchy and hilarious. I saw these on etsy and thought it was the coolest thing ever! You can snatch up a cap here.

2. Okay so this item has been mentioned everywhere! From beauty bloggers, to YouTube creators. The "Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment" is amazing. I can't wait to try it! It's suppose to treat, and help problematic skin. It's the perfect solution for acne and blemishes, pores, and oiliness!

3. Many of you may not know this but I'm Obssessed with iPhone cases! lol I know that sounds crazy, but I am. Every iPhone I've had I would say I've had at least 6 or 7 cases for it. I just love to switch up my phone case daily. Just like I switch outfits on the regular, my phone changes as well. Plus I love marble print so I've been dying to get a case like it!

4. These are suppose to be great for helping refresh yourself and get a great night sleep. They're just so calming and a great way to relax. Can't we all use a little more relaxation in our lives? I know I do. Get it here 😀

So that pretty much sums up my very first "Must have Monday"! Tune in ever week for a new one!

So ready for fall season!


Sweater: Gap Necklace: Hot Topic Pants: Gap Hat: Thrifted Shoes: Aldo

Come on, now I know I'm not the only one right!? Yes I love the summer but the Fall will always have my heart. The months between August through October are just heaven! Warm sweaters, boots, cozy sweats I'm all for it. Not to mention that my birthday is during the Fall!! Where all my October babies at!? Lol. It's more fun to get dressed in the Fall because you can just throw on a sweater or dress up some boots.

I'm also a huge lover of the fall colors. From the oranges, the browns, reds. Just give me them all! :) Check out Pantone's color report for 2016 here.

Just be prepared to see a lot of Fall looks ahead! Well I'll probably still have some summer looks as well because the way Texas weather is set up, we still get 80 degree weather some days. (Crazy I know)

Sidenote: Remember that today is 9/11 a date that will never be the same again.A tragedy that effected thousands of people's lives. Say a prayer on today and pray for the men and women who fight for our country. We thank you.

Tumblr Tuesday: Fav Pics This Week 8


This weeks Tumblr Tuesday is all about retro vibes! I love a great retro look and retro items. I think this sort of "theme" will never go out of style. Retro looks are always in for me. It's fun to take the past and make it brand new again. Just like we take vintage looks and make it present day. (Ex. How overalls have become very trendy) We couldn't be where we today in fashion without those looks from the past. These retro looks are mainly focused on the beauty side of it, instead of the style and fashion side. I'm a huge fan of this style and look for sure. From all the colors, to how everything creates a cohesive look. I'm definitely #TEAMRETRO on this one lol.

Retro looks were always so fun and outgoing! There was always lots of colors and cool intriguing prints. I think the female style dominated in this era. (Now don't get me wrong the guys did too!) I have on a retro look almost every Sunday lol, but seriously this style is perfection. You have definitely made a fan out of me! 

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