Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 5


First of all before we get into this week's post can you believe we're already in the month of August! My my my how time flies. Now let's get into this weeks post!

This Tumblr Tuesday I had the perfect color theme in mind. A peachy/nude aesthetic was the exact look I was going for. I have always been a fan of this palette and color scheme. I just wanted to show it in different formats. From your home decor, to fashion, all the way to food!

I think it's such a calming color and oh so chic'. I don't have much of this color, if any in my wardrobe, but after doing this post, I definitely plan on changing that soon lol.

The color nude has actually been taking over at fashion week and it's been seen a lot on street style blogs. This is a color that has been kind of overlooked because it's "monotone" and "unimaginative" connotation that people have placed on it,which is interesting because in reality that minimalist look is great because it leaves room to explore. It's open to imagination, making it very versatile color.

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