Giving me the cold shoulder


Sweater: Old Navy Scarf: Ross Red Pants: Levi's Bag: Ross Shoes: Aldo Watch: Aldo

The cold weather is finally among us, and I can honestly say I'm excited and ready for it all! I love the Fall and winter time because I get to have fun with my wardrobe. You will be seeing plenty of layering soon lol.

When it starts getting into the colder months and the weather begins to drop, people can sometimes get lazy with there outfits. You throw on some comfy sweats, and a sweatshirt and you're out the door. Now I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that, because trust me I love me some comfy sweats and nice cozy clothing. I'm just saying that it shouldn't stop you from actually getting dressed ya know.

My sweaters and scarfs quickly become my best friends. 🙂 Is there anything wrong with that? There's just always there for me lol nothing better than a reliable piece of clothing.

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