Photoshoot in the dark


Bandana: Old Shirt:Hurley Plaid Shirt:JCPenny Jeans:Hollister Boots:Aldo Watch:Aldo

Decided to do a little something in the town square. So a couple of my friends and I went out and did a photo shoot. It was honestly a lot of fun because I was with them. I don't get the chance to get shot professionally a lot of the time so this was a great experience for me. What made it even more fun (if you can't already tell by the title) it was done in the dark! Doesn't that just make things even more exciting lol.

I was really excited about how everything turned out and how all the pictures looked in the end.

I wanted to be pretty casual for the shoot but still appropriate enough. I wasn't going to go out there wearing sweats, is what I'm saying lol.

This look had that edginess to it with the distressed denim and bandana but still laid back and comfortable. Simple t-shirt, nice pair of jeans and my favorite pair of boots, you never go wrong when you are wearing items that you love.

Anything that you just absolutely love to wear? You're always happy when wearing it? Leave a comment and let me know! I would love to read to all about it.

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