Recently Marianna Hewitt of LifeWithMe did a post mentioning the chaos going on in the world today. There has been so much heart break and lost lives that didn't have to happen. We have been tearing each other apart and hating so much, when in reality we need to be coming together as one. Teaming up with photographer Gray Malin, this special portrait was created. It represents peace and how through all our differences, whether it be sexuality, race, or religion, we as a people should be able to come together as one.

If you would like to join in on the effort and support the peace challenge here's what you can do:
  • Repost and/or re-create this photo with some friends. Create a symbol together representing togetherness and solidarity.
  • Make sure to use the tag #peacechallenge
  • Remember to share the gofundme.com/peacechallenge page in your post.
  • Pledge to donate $5-$15 
Share this photo to show your support for the peace challenge and spread some love throughout the world, while showing support for the gofundme page. We will be collecting donations for the communities who have lost people. All money will go towards support for:
*Just a quick thank you in advance to everyone who supports, and thank you to Marianna Hewitt again for making awareness of this great cause.

Everyone who participated in the making of this photo:

Amulya Uppalapati,Bayley Baumgarten,Brad Stire,Brandon Williams,Brittany Hampton,David Howard,Emma Feil,Gina Michael,Hannah Skvarla,Ilana Saul,Isabella Lyle-Durham,Jascmeen Bush,Jen Delgado,Kenny Hamilton,Kina Grannis,Kristen Gray,Lana Womack,Lauren Gilmore,Lauren Gores Ireland,Leslie Bruce,Marianna Hewitt,Meskie Taylor,Naz Meknat,Nichelle Hines,Nicholas Scarpinato,Paige Yingst,Rachel Rosenbloom,Salvador Camarena,Sami Miro,Sona Gasparian,Sophie Elkus,Valorie Darling,Zack Tanck

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