Keeping it casual


Black Shirt: Music & Arts Plaid Shirt: St. Johns Bay Boots: Aldo Socks:Gap Peace Bracelet: Hot Topic Green Satchel Bag: Ross

When it comes to heat you all know I am NOT a fan, as I'm sure most of us aren't.

Planning a look when the sun is shining down on you saying "HELLO, IM HERE!" everywhere you go, is kind of difficult. You want to be comfortable and cool. Have you all heard the saying less is more? Well in this case less is better!

I wanted to keep the look pretty simple but still nice of course. That being said I grabbed a graphic t, my one and only favorite pair of overalls, and boots. Now I know some of you are like, really Josh? Boots? Yes boots! Let me explain... I can wear boots in any weather as long as there appropriate. I'm not going to wear heavy boots in heat. These are perfect, lightweight, causal and a great look.

Casual looks don't always have to be "average" or "boring" or whatever you want to call them. Add some flavor into it. :) Just remember to always keep it trendy and keep it cute.

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