Does the weather predict your outfit?


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Was the sun loving me today or nah? lol.

Maybe I was loving it a little bit more. That being said I'm usually not a "fun in the sun" type a guy, if that makes since. When it comes to the heat you can find me hiding under a shaded tree, or in someone's building because I'm not for it.
I do however like to be appropriately dressed for whatever weather I may be in. Since the sun was out, I thought well I'm ready for you. I went for lightest clothes I could find and slipped on through lol. You should always know what you're getting yourself into when you plan your looks. Will it rain today? Will I need a sweater for later when it gets cooler? I always like to feel prepared for whatever is thrown at me. (In reference to the weather) If there is one thing that I can't stand is being unprepared with an outfit. I don't want to be dressed one way, when the weather decided to change its mind and now I'm stuck in whatever I have on.
Here are some tips for outfit choices when you don't know what the weather conditions will be like.
  • Have backups! Keep an extra jacket, or pair of boots in your car, office, wherever so if the weather wants to have a bi polar moment and switch between rain and sunshine, you'll be prepared.
  • I recommend getting a travel size umbrella, that way you can keep it in your car, or in your purse (ladies) or briefcase (men) so if it starts pouring all of a sudden, you have some protection.
You don't want to ruin that nice outfit you just spent time picking out do you?

Always keep it trendy in no matter the conditions :)

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