Rocking denim


Denim Jacket: Rue21 White v neck: Gap Jeans: Hollister Necklace: Hot Topic Green Satchel: Ross (old)

Soooo denim on denim....

This is a look a lot of people sometimes worry about or try to stay away from because they feel like it can't be done, or that it looks a certain way. That being said I am a big fan of it. It definitely has to be pulled off correctly though. 

You can keep it simple like I did above, do denim jeans and a denim jacket paired with a simple t-shirt. Try to keep things very simple and easy. You don't want to do any over the top look when pulling off denim on denim. Usually I like to do a denim jacket and jeans like in this look, or sometimes I prefer to do a denim shirt and jeans. That kinda just depends on how I'm feeling, and weather etc.

Since there wasn't much color in this look you all know I had to throw some in there some way, and some how. To get that accomplished I threw on my absolute favorite satchel! When I say this bag is an absolute fav, I mean it. Not to mention I got it for a fantastic price! You can just grab it and go, not to heavy and just the right the way to accessorize any look.

What are some of your favorite denim pieces in your wardrobe? Maybe even your favorite ways to rock denim on denim. Let me know! Leave a comment!

Keeping it casual


Black Shirt: Music & Arts Plaid Shirt: St. Johns Bay Boots: Aldo Socks:Gap Peace Bracelet: Hot Topic Green Satchel Bag: Ross

When it comes to heat you all know I am NOT a fan, as I'm sure most of us aren't.

Planning a look when the sun is shining down on you saying "HELLO, IM HERE!" everywhere you go, is kind of difficult. You want to be comfortable and cool. Have you all heard the saying less is more? Well in this case less is better!

I wanted to keep the look pretty simple but still nice of course. That being said I grabbed a graphic t, my one and only favorite pair of overalls, and boots. Now I know some of you are like, really Josh? Boots? Yes boots! Let me explain... I can wear boots in any weather as long as there appropriate. I'm not going to wear heavy boots in heat. These are perfect, lightweight, causal and a great look.

Casual looks don't always have to be "average" or "boring" or whatever you want to call them. Add some flavor into it. :) Just remember to always keep it trendy and keep it cute.

Tumblr Tuesday:Favorite Pics This Week 4


This weeks Tumblr Tuesday is all about fall and winter 2016 collections from different designers. We all know that that time is right around the corner again! I am really excited because this is my fav. season for fashion! The designers posted are as follow:

1. Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2016 London.
2. Valentino Ready-to -Wear Fall 2016
3.Balmain Fall/Winter 2016
4. Marchesa Ready-to-Wear Fall 2016

Clearly not all designers were posted these were just some favorites of mine. :) 

It's so remarkable seeing what designers will be sharing for the new season. I'm always intrigued and never disappointed.



Recently Marianna Hewitt of LifeWithMe did a post mentioning the chaos going on in the world today. There has been so much heart break and lost lives that didn't have to happen. We have been tearing each other apart and hating so much, when in reality we need to be coming together as one. Teaming up with photographer Gray Malin, this special portrait was created. It represents peace and how through all our differences, whether it be sexuality, race, or religion, we as a people should be able to come together as one.

If you would like to join in on the effort and support the peace challenge here's what you can do:
  • Repost and/or re-create this photo with some friends. Create a symbol together representing togetherness and solidarity.
  • Make sure to use the tag #peacechallenge
  • Remember to share the page in your post.
  • Pledge to donate $5-$15 
Share this photo to show your support for the peace challenge and spread some love throughout the world, while showing support for the gofundme page. We will be collecting donations for the communities who have lost people. All money will go towards support for:
*Just a quick thank you in advance to everyone who supports, and thank you to Marianna Hewitt again for making awareness of this great cause.

Everyone who participated in the making of this photo:

Amulya Uppalapati,Bayley Baumgarten,Brad Stire,Brandon Williams,Brittany Hampton,David Howard,Emma Feil,Gina Michael,Hannah Skvarla,Ilana Saul,Isabella Lyle-Durham,Jascmeen Bush,Jen Delgado,Kenny Hamilton,Kina Grannis,Kristen Gray,Lana Womack,Lauren Gilmore,Lauren Gores Ireland,Leslie Bruce,Marianna Hewitt,Meskie Taylor,Naz Meknat,Nichelle Hines,Nicholas Scarpinato,Paige Yingst,Rachel Rosenbloom,Salvador Camarena,Sami Miro,Sona Gasparian,Sophie Elkus,Valorie Darling,Zack Tanck

When in doubt stand out


Shirt: Hollister Pants: Gap Shoes: Aldo Bag (old): Ross Necklace: Hot Topic
I think you should always want to be noticed and presented as "attractive" when it comes to your style. Don't be afraid to be different from the rest, that's what makes you an individual. I know for sure I have never been afraid to be bold when it comes to fashion. It's fun and playful and you have the option to do what you want. As you all may have noticed by now, from different posts, I love color and prints. If you were to look into my closet you'd really understand what I mean by "when in doubt stand out" lol.

This look was very fun to put together, and also very easy. There are three things that I like to have in any look. Color, comfort, and personality.

These are all very achievable and not hard to do at all. Honestly just do you! You should walk away saying I don't give a damn what someone has to say about how I look. I know at the end of the day that I love how my look turned out.That's how you know you've done your job. Your look is the outter representation of your inner self.

Tumblr Tuesday: Favorite Pics This Week 3


This week's Tumblr Tuesday is all about menswear! We just recently had NYFWM (New York Fashion Week Men's) so I wanted to dedicate this Tumblr Tuesday to just that, menswear! As a male and someone who loves fashion and style, I love seeing men's fashion being honored. With this post I wasn't going for any particular style of pictures I just wanted to show off great looks and pieces from men. There is such versatility when it comes to male fashion. A lot more male brands are getting noticed and recognized. They are becoming very high fashion and super duper chic but still have that male edginess and I'm obsessed!

Photoshoot in the dark


Bandana: Old Shirt:Hurley Plaid Shirt:JCPenny Jeans:Hollister Boots:Aldo Watch:Aldo

Decided to do a little something in the town square. So a couple of my friends and I went out and did a photo shoot. It was honestly a lot of fun because I was with them. I don't get the chance to get shot professionally a lot of the time so this was a great experience for me. What made it even more fun (if you can't already tell by the title) it was done in the dark! Doesn't that just make things even more exciting lol.

I was really excited about how everything turned out and how all the pictures looked in the end.

I wanted to be pretty casual for the shoot but still appropriate enough. I wasn't going to go out there wearing sweats, is what I'm saying lol.

This look had that edginess to it with the distressed denim and bandana but still laid back and comfortable. Simple t-shirt, nice pair of jeans and my favorite pair of boots, you never go wrong when you are wearing items that you love.

Anything that you just absolutely love to wear? You're always happy when wearing it? Leave a comment and let me know! I would love to read to all about it.

Does the weather predict your outfit?


Vest: Hot Topic T-shirt(gift): Art Institute of Dallas Denim Cut Offs: D.I.Y Shoes: Vans Necklaces: Short one: Hot Topic Long Spikes: Hot Topic
Was the sun loving me today or nah? lol.

Maybe I was loving it a little bit more. That being said I'm usually not a "fun in the sun" type a guy, if that makes since. When it comes to the heat you can find me hiding under a shaded tree, or in someone's building because I'm not for it.
I do however like to be appropriately dressed for whatever weather I may be in. Since the sun was out, I thought well I'm ready for you. I went for lightest clothes I could find and slipped on through lol. You should always know what you're getting yourself into when you plan your looks. Will it rain today? Will I need a sweater for later when it gets cooler? I always like to feel prepared for whatever is thrown at me. (In reference to the weather) If there is one thing that I can't stand is being unprepared with an outfit. I don't want to be dressed one way, when the weather decided to change its mind and now I'm stuck in whatever I have on.
Here are some tips for outfit choices when you don't know what the weather conditions will be like.
  • Have backups! Keep an extra jacket, or pair of boots in your car, office, wherever so if the weather wants to have a bi polar moment and switch between rain and sunshine, you'll be prepared.
  • I recommend getting a travel size umbrella, that way you can keep it in your car, or in your purse (ladies) or briefcase (men) so if it starts pouring all of a sudden, you have some protection.
You don't want to ruin that nice outfit you just spent time picking out do you?

Always keep it trendy in no matter the conditions :)

It adds that edgeness

Shirt: Hollister Jeans: Hollister Cardigan: Levi's Necklace: Hot Topic Watch: Aldo

Sometimes as males we tend to stay away from certain items.... or shall I say certain prints? Just because they may come off as to girly or we don't want to be looked at in a certain "way". That being said I've decided to kind of tell you how to take something that may look feminine to masculine. Take it and add some edge to it. It's all about how you style what you're wearing.
To create a more edgy look for yourself I have put together a list of some items:
  • Black Skinny Jeans: You can't go without some killer black denim jeans.
  • For me females out there, some studded boots! These can take any simple look to a whole other level. Throw on some leggings and an oversized tee and you're good to go.
  • Leather Jacket: Any real rocker knows that this is a must when you want to be edgy. 
These are just the tip of the iceberg when you think about being edgy. For a complete list of items that can help you get edgy, check out list of 15 items!

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