Tumblr Tuesday:Favorite Pics This Week 1

Hello! What's up everyone.

So some of you may be wondering what's up with this post and why it isn't an outfit post of mine. Well I have decided to start a new segment on That Trendy Fellow called Tumblr Tuesday! This is a segment where every week, on Tuesday I will be posting my new favorite tumblr post of the week. They will be posts varying from beauty to fashion, and everything else in between. I have used tumblr for years now and I always use it as an inspiration board pretty much. I love it because I see so many new things that I either want to try, or eat, or do lol. That being said I decided to share it with you all, why should I keep all this to myself right? 

So to kick off my first Tumblr Tuesday post, we have these looks that I am completely in love with. I love a great black and white look, that is my go to look when I can't decide what to wear for the day. You can't go wrong when it comes down to it. Since its summer (even though it's almost over) I decided to show you all these summer looks. Cute shorts, nice booties, and great accessories.

If you all know me, I love color.. BUT that being said I LOVE a great "minimalist look" as we would call it. You can never go wrong, you just can't!


Some of my favorite words to describe this type of look.

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