Tumblr Tuesday:Favorite Pics This Week 2


Its about that time again! Time for another Tumblr Tuesday post!

This week I clearly had a pepto-bismol moment lmao. No but seriously I am loving these pictures. Something about how they look put together I really enjoy. It's a great cohesive look.

Honestly I'm not a huge pink person, I literally have like one pink shirt in my entire wardrobe. That being said I don't mind the color though so honestly I really enjoyed putting together these pictures, they came together to make a great ensemble. I wanted to make it also seem inspirational so I got some great quote pictures added in to go with the fashion pictures as well.

I love a great clean look and I thought this was pulled off nicely. I think pink is such a fun color but it can also be a statement color, like red. For me personally when someone is wearing pink its an eye catcher I immediately notice them. So bright and full of life.

I wanted to keep things very adorable lol. Cute is the goal. I also wanted this post to act as an inspirational post for you all, thats why I chose some inspirational quotes and sayings. It is always good to stay uplifted and be happy. Hope you all enjoyed this weeks tumblr tuesdsay post! If there are any pictures or themes you want to see personally then comment and let me know! I would definitely hear you out and see what I can do! Until next time... on Tumblr Tuesday :)

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