Trip to The Art Institute


Overalls: Thrifted Shirt: Gap Necklace: Hot Topic Hat: Vintage Plaid Shirt: Jcp Watch: Aldo

So last year I had the privilege to spend a week visiting and staying at The Art Institute of Dallas a school designed for students wanting to pursue a career in the design and creative arts fields. It was such an amazing experience I definitely enjoyed every moment of it, and met some amazing students, and faculty. 

Long story short I didn't end up attending AiDallas because I received an offer from another institution. 

That being said I know you all are not here to listen to me babble about education. To say the least it was like a thousand degrees hot outside lol, so I wanted to be very comfortable and chill. Whenever I want to achieve that I usually grab my overalls. One of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. You just slip them on with a t shirt, some comfortable shoes, and bam you are out the door.

You all may not know this about me, but you will definitely catch on quickly, I am a hat guy. I just love hats, seriously. I think they just add that final touch to any outfit. It also helps if you're having a bad hair day ( I know you ladies can relate lol). Yes hats are my thing! I could wear a hat everyday if I wanted to but sometimes you need to let your hair breathe lol. My favorite kinds of hats are definitely either fedoras or vintage chic' ones, just saying. Just in case someone wants to be generous and send me one lol.

When I wear my overalls I usually like to wear something around my waist. There are very few times when I wear my overalls without something around the waist because I kind of feel uncomfortable. Not only do I feel uncomfortable but i just like to add movement to the look. I kept this look nice and simple. Remember that sometimes less is more. If you "over dress" or "over layer" your look can become very confusing and there is no focal point of the look. So I try not to do to much. Thats mainly in the winter when I do extra because its cold lol.

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