The super easy way to wear the plain white t


Headband: (Old) Necklace: Hot Topic White T Shirt: Forever21 Jeans: Hollister Rings: (index, and thumb) Earthbound (ring finger) Class ring (pinkie ring) Forever 21

The plain white T... no I am not talking about the band, The Plain White T's lol.
I am referring to the white t that you wear. This is a staple item in any wardrobe. Simple and easy but definitely a must have. Is there anything more versatile than the white t?

Whether you are layering it underneath a sweater because its a little chilly outside, or over a nice tank top. You just simply can't go wrong with this one. The pairing options are endless when it comes to this item. Sometimes you don't want to do to much with a look but still want to keep it nice and this is perfect for that situation. You'll still look good while being comfortable.

During the summer season you will be seeing white everywhere you turn. I mean seriously white in the summer? How original right!? There is no other item that is so clean, effortless, and chic. It is definitely something anyone could pull off.  I think if you already don't  have one of these (or maybe even a few of them) in your wardrobe then you need to seriously hop on that lol. I look at it this way, you can never have to many white items in your wardrobe. I absolutely LOVE the minimalist look for sure! Well white t you have definitely created a fan in this guy!

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